Meriton’s escabechina continues at Valencia: Two more layoffs and 48 are already

Nor there is truce. Meriton’s Valencia continues laying off employees. Anil Murthy has signed the dismissals of Jesús Paniagua and Roberta Lazzari, in charge of relations with the League, RFEF and UEFA and the secretary of the President. With the dismissal of these two high-level employees at the club, the number of dismissals is approaching fifty since Meriton took over the majority stake in the black and white club.

The club is undercapitalized significantly on the subject of professionals. From the CEO to the last of the gardeners, Meriton has ‘slashed’ coaches, sports directors, delegates, doctors, physical therapists, communication directors, marketing managers, those responsible for the club’s television …. and a long etcetera that leaves the entity weaker every day.

Paniagua and Lazzari had been in the entity for more than 20 years, but that is not inconvenient for Meriton. In fact, since the Singapore property they have dispensed with professionals of all kinds, including legends like Camarasa or workers like Mantilla, guardian of the club’s memory at the Foundation.

Meriton’s list of shame

Trainers: Juan Antonio Pizzi (resigned by Amadeo Salvo to facilitate Lim’s landing) Nuno Espirito Santo, Gary Neville, Pako Ayestarán, Cesare Prandelli (resigned and had to pay compensation), Marcelino, Celades and Javi Gracia.

Sports management: Rufete, Fabián Ayala, Joan Salvans, Suso García Pitarch (he also resigned after Prandelli’s departure), José Ramón Alesanco, Vicente Rodríguez, Pablo Longoria, César Sánchez and Jorge López.

Executive Area: Louis Vicente Douwens, Luis Cervera, Damià Vidagany, Peter Draper, Kheisi Matsuyama, Miguel Bertrán and Mateu Alemany.

Communication Department: Álex Navarro, Pau Fuster, Cristina Lloret, Julio Tàrrega, Manolo Más, Román Bellver (he lasted six months as external relations and spokesperson), Javier Escribano, Adrià Soria, Amadeo García

Valencia CF Foundation: Pablo Mantilla, director for more than 16 years.

Administration: Patricia Salvador, Santiago Jato, María Ángeles Mena.

Medical services: Antonio Giner, Álex Menéndez Juan Albors, Álvaro Sala, González Lago, Antonio Maestro and Pascual Casañ.

Former players with representative or employment ties: Paco Camarasa, who served as the field delegate of the first team after 39 years of involvement with the club as a player, coach and delegate. And Mario Alberto Kempes, who had a commercial contract with Valencia to act as ambassador and who was not renewed due to his public criticism of Lim in various public appearances.

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