Merkezefendi Municipality fined 180 thousand TL

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Denizli representative in the Turkish Insurance Basketball Super League, Yukatel Merkezefendi Belediyesi Basket, received a penalty of 180 thousand TL from the Basketball Federation Disciplinary Committee after the Türk Telekom game played at home on Friday, December 30th.

The Board decided that after the match at Pamukkale University Sports Hall, 30 thousand TL was paid to the host due to the spectator events, the hall and spectator event took place as an actual intervention against the guest team basketball player, and the evacuation of the spectator who carried out the action caused the match to be interrupted for more than 7 minutes. In addition to the penalty given by taking into account the way it was realized and its weight, he gave a penalty of 120 thousand TL and 30 thousand TL for ugly and bad cheering.

Merkezefendi, who gives the play-off race in the league, will be the guest of Galatasaray Nef on Monday.

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