Merkezefendi will continue to be permanent in the Super League

One of the Basketball Super League teams, Yukatel Merkezefendi Municipality Denizli Basket President Veli Deveciler made statements about the agenda.

Stating that they are a team worthy of the Super League, President Deveciler said, “We are very happy to continue in the ING Basketball Super League. Our aim is to find, train and develop young, talented, local and foreign players, to balance our costs and to stay in the league for many years.” said. While the objection made by Semt77 Yalovaspor, who were relegated in the league last season, was discussed in the Arbitration Board regarding the match in which last season was defeated by Aliağa Petkimspor in the last split on April 17, Merkezefendi continues his search for a transfer for his second season in the Süper Lig.

President Veli Deveciler, who scrutinized the transfer and built the Turkish rotation on young players, made important statements. Expressing that Denizli loves basketball very much, Deveciler said, “ING Basketball Super League has been registered. We are very happy to continue as one of the 16 strong teams in the Super League. We would like to thank all stakeholders who contributed to making the league such an enjoyable and competitive season throughout the season. Everyone who sees how Denizli loves basketball and how successful it has been in this regard, and the success our young club has achieved in 3 years, greets with respect and sympathy.”


Deveciler said, “We showed that we are a team worthy of the Super League throughout the season, with our organization, our fans, our hall and the hospitality of the city,” said Deveciler, adding, “During this period, we have worked with very high quality players, coaches and teams. All of them both fought for the team and improved themselves. Everyone who worked here learned a lot from this club, its success and goals. The mission of our club is clear. We will not be a team that spends big money and chases league rankings. Our aim is to find, train and develop young, talented, local and foreign players, to reduce our costs. “We are all experiencing the weight of economic conditions. We had to look for new solutions rather than leaving our club in a difficult situation by spending a lot of money,” he said.


Stating that the costs have increased and the budget has changed as foreign players are paid in foreign currency, Veli Deveciler said, “The very high wages of the limited number of domestic players and the payment of foreign players in foreign currency requires us to be more careful. We have signed with talented local and foreign players. We will announce all of them as of July. When the season starts, everyone will watch these players with admiration. Young players will come here to fight, improve themselves and embrace the city. They will all be stars here, so they are preferred. There are very strong teams in our league and Our aim is to give young players time, to create star players, and to challenge and win these strong teams on the field when the day comes, instead of competing with them for a budgetary race,” he said.


Deveciler, Chairman of Merkezefendi, said, “We do not have a big budget, it will never happen,” and said, “Our competitors are very strong and we cannot compete with them in the same way. However, in our 3rd year, we have a trouble-free financial structure that has passed the BSL audit once again. It makes sense with a rational culture. and we will continue to move forward with a promising understanding. The years will show that we were right. Trust us, this team didn’t come from the sky. We came from the bottom to the top and win from the bottom to win. The league will start and everyone will see a great team on the field. That’s why the young players who came to the team “We will all experience the excitement of the league with a common mind, together, with a new and realistic understanding. Soon we will share with you the choices about the team and the reasons for which decisions were made. We pay our respects to the basketball fans and look forward to the start of the league,” he said.


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