Michael Carberry: I have no respect for Oliver Dowden’s comments about Ollie Robinson’s Tweets

Ollie Robinson was suspended from international cricket by the ECB after racist and sexist historical posts appeared on social media last week; Oliver Dowden called the decision “exaggerated”; The ECB investigates claims that another current England player posted “historical offensive material”

Michael Carberry says he has ‘no respect’ for Oliver Dowden’s comments

The ECB is investigating claims that a second England player posted “historic offensive material”, while former England hitter Michael Carberry has criticized Oliver Dowden’s comments on Ollie Robinson’s suspension.

Wisden has discovered a tweet, posting its content but concealing the identity of the alleged England cricketer because he was under 16 at the time.

The ECB said in a statement: “It has come to our attention that a player from England has posted historical offensive material on his social media account.”

“We are investigating it and will make a further comment in due course.”

The news comes days after Ollie Robinson was suspended by the ECB after the racist and sexist tweets he posted in 2012 and 2013, when he was in his teens, were unearthed and shared the day he made his test debut against New Zealand last week.

The ECB announced at the end of the Lord’s Trial that the fast pitcher had been suspended from all international cricket pending the outcome of a disciplinary investigation.

England captain Joe Root said Robinson had to “learn some difficult lessons.” However, Oliver Dowden, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, said the suspension was “exaggerated” and asked the ECB to “think again.

“Ollie Robinson’s tweets were offensive and wrong,” Dowden said on Twitter. “They are also a decade old and written by a teenager. The teenager is now a man and he has rightly apologized. The ECB has overstepped it and should think again.”

Dowden’s comments on Robinson’s suspension were criticized by former England hitter Michael Carberry, who said he “did not respect” the Culture Secretary’s words.

Carberry, who last year said that black cricketers felt they were risking their careers if they tried to confront prejudice, said that Dowden had not experienced racial discrimination and was therefore speaking “from a place without facts or without reason. “.

“I think Oliver Dowden needs to come and spend a day with me and live a day in my shoes, and a day in the shoes of most of the people in the BAME community, and really speak from a place of facts and reasons,” he said. Carberry. Sky Sports News.

Michael Carberry played six Tests for England between 2013 and 2014

“Marcus Rashford just two or three weeks ago was trying to do something good in the world, using his platforms and various means. He is trying to do something good in the world for children of all colors, all races, all backgrounds. “.

“He’s trying to do something good, [and he] he’s racially abused, I don’t hear Oliver Dowden speaking. As for me, I have no respect for your comments.

“He has never been racially abused, he has never been racially discriminated against, from what I see it, he comes from a place without facts or without reason.”

Carberry says her reaction to the appearance of Robinson’s tweets was, “Here we go again.”

“It further supports what I said last year, that the game has a huge problem,” he said.

“Until people start to deal with the problem, and I can speak on behalf of most of my community, we are not interested in proposals or what cricket is proposing to do.”

“We need to start seeing stocks. Good on the ECB for suspending Ollie Robinson.

“I have some other questions about that: why wasn’t this picked up years ago? Why has this guy been allowed to go so far in his career and achieve what he has accomplished at the highest level?

“It’s a disappointment to me. Why aren’t we affecting our young professional cricketers better than I’m seeing right now?”

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