Michel: “A team does not live on sensations, it lives on points”

The Madrid coach analyzed the third day that leaves the azulones with zero points but with the feeling that the team is burning and that they have deserved more in the first three rounds. Despite this, Míchel does not want to hold on to the sensations and warns that to get out of there the important thing is the points.

Assessment: “I have an identical feeling to the other two games, we have come out with a goal against but we have remade ourselves. Then we have been very close, I honestly think we have deserved it. We have submitted to Barça for a physical pulse. There are three games without scoring, but a team does not live on sensations, it lives on points “.

Reaction after the goal: “We looked for another solution at half-time with the same players. It was difficult to maintain possession and pressure and I think the team was very good until the hydration break. Gavi’s entry was very important for them. We have done many merits, many good things. Some bad and those that we do badly at this level cost you very expensive. “

Gaviria’s entry has been very important to us

Míchel González

Message for the fans: “The messages can never be positive, not even emotional. All teams come from victories and score points. We show symptoms of not being serious but we must not change the rhythm of the game. With fewer arrivals we will not do goals. We have to adjust some issues. We have to send a message of hope because this path will lead us to win games. “

Aleñá: “No, almost all the changes have been to give the team a boost. Djené has asked for the change. We want to improve the situation so close and be with and without the ball. We have looked for the change of Timor for the game and the possibility of a shot from outside the area”.

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