Míchel: “We are not bad enough to have these numbers”

ANDThe Azulón coach appeared in the press room after the defeat against Real Betis. There are now seven days that Getafe has not won, something that the Madrid coach does not explain either, who appeals to continue working to get out of this situation.

Match rating

“It is a bit of the same old story, insecurity and nerves increase. We are losing games and it is a tremendously confusing situation. I don’t know if we are so bad, me first, enough to have lost seven games. We have lost playing well, Like most of the time, and playing badly. Today we wanted to bring the game to a more unstable situation for Betis. We found a goal against, we had some dangerous situations. We put the game exactly where Betis wanted , with a high level on all the lines. It’s hard to lift this when everything that shakes you, shakes you against. “


“I don’t think about that. My intention is not to lower my arms, but that’s the least important thing. Seven losses in a row is very striking, even if the team plays well.”


“The solution is always to look for alternatives with the level of players and football that we have. I insist, I do not think we play so bad and we are so bad, the coach first, to have seven defeats in a row, which is an absolutely negative and very striking”

Real Betis

“We have put the game in the right measure, they have quality with spaces and depth. Each change is an alternative to follow the rhythm of the game and very well trained. You have to play to the limit and Betis does not let you, you cannot neglect against them. I think they have found all the precise solutions in the way the game was going. Even when we were sticking our heads out, that second goal arrived, which was a real disgrace, in a clearance of ours that stayed with Willian José. It is something that You can’t afford against Betis because they have level players and many qualities. “

Locker room mood

“Raising your spirits is not easy when you have seven defeats in a row. What we do is enter the field every week with the same intention and enthusiasm. There have been moments when we give a good level but in others the anxiety and nerves and the distrust of seeing That nothing comes out makes the results accumulate negatively and that is always a stone for any team “.

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