Míchel: “Whoever thinks that we are not going to be aggressive is very wrong”


Miguel González ‘Míchel’ was introduced in the press room of the Coliseum as the new coach of the Getafe and appreciated his return to the club. The Madrilenian wants to impose his stamp and spoke of the good work of Bordalás and Ángel Torres in recent campaigns, evaluating his current squad very positively.


This is a second club to many fans and has always been well received.

“First of all, thank Getafe and the president who is the boss. It is an honor for me to come back. Actually I had never left. I have suffered with some bad situations and I have been happy with many good ones. The club has improved a lot although it always has the personalized essence in the president. We have talked for a long time about the possibility of returning some year ago. This opportunity has been given and in recent times we have suffered to support ourselves. I am very excited as much or more than the first time I came with those five games in which the team was saved. I am special, I have a particular vision, throughout the year I have had some possibility that we have left to return to Getafe since I really like the club and what I know. I like the squad I have, we are going to try to continue on the Getafe path. This club is a second team of many fans, it has usually been well received, not only as a soccer team but as a club. Let’s settle down again. To be lucky but luck is for people who dedicate themselves body and soul “.


“The person who handles these matters is my representative. I often receive calls from people, when it comes to communication from my representative, I just want him to tell me specific things. A year ago, with the possibility that Bordalás could leave, I think there was some contact. I think there was because they have hinted at it. That is keeping the word of the president. The negotiations have taken exactly the same time. I have said the same phrase. What time do we train tomorrow? “

Playing style

I see Maksimovic and he has a good foot to play

“I think like the president said this team has been successful with different ways of playing. Some more appreciated but as effective as any. Before coming to Getafe I also had a way of playing and we took advantage of those conditions. We are not going to go against quality and we are going to take advantage of a lot of what has been good. It is a reference team in the Spanish league, we want to shape it, I see players of a very good level. Maybe they are of a good level and maybe they think that they have only worked but also played. I see Maksimovic and he has a good foot to play. “


“It is true that it was a fighting team and did not avoid the fight, It generates conflicts, it seems correct to me, they have not killed anyone. When I arrived ten years ago the team was different from the concept we had. I remember later telling the president not to move the squad much, one or two additions came. That same squad was sixth, the key was not in the coach, it was in the team. Who thinks that we are not going to be aggressive is very wrong“.

How has it changed

“As I spoke before, the essence little. But I have had many experiences, I have trained abroad, I have had to learn languages, I have met bosses and very different ones. Surely, no longer because of my age, I am much more veteran than before. This It indicates adapting to many circumstances, mainly because I have come much closer to being a coach than a former player, although I always have that vocation. I have improved fundamentally because of the people who work with me, they are restless people who make us much better. “

Carles alena

I have an intuition of what can happen with Aleñá

“I think the one who knows that best is the president. Right now I have an intuition of what can happen. That type of player was useful and good. The problem is that he does not belong to Getafe, we will have to look for him, he belongs to another club. No player who comes is unnatural for Getafe and the coach. I am not in the decisions but I am in the strategies. Any decision that Ángel Martín and Torres make will be competent.leñá is a player that I like“.


“If I asked the president he would tell me to be close to the European positions but the team has to be aware. The stability over the years makes you be recognized. TIt has to be much closer than it has been this year. It’s been a strange year, from time to time a season like this is not bad because it makes you care. There is capacity in the squad, we are going to be demanding to be competitive, I don’t know where we can go. For me it is not worth as a reference in the last year if not what I have seen in the squad. Many clubs in the most important economic aspect talk about being in Europe and stay outside. We want to compete. “


“The idea is that there are people who finish their contract, we have to start another round and another negotiation situation. TThere have to be 6-7 changes but we will provide our stamp. With Ángel, with Toni when I came, that makes you more comfortable, the team doesn’t do crazy things. I want and I have stated that these players are not to fill in but rather that they create competitiveness. We want them to be the starters, before he spoke of Maksimovic who for me will always play but I want there to be a player who will compete with you so if you fall asleep you can take a nap next to me “.

Coaching staff

“Juan Calros Mandía and Quique Sanz are coming who have worked with me in Mexico. There was an impasse that we moved away. José Vallejo also came, who was always with us and the incorporation Toni Mengual as goalkeeper coach. They are the ones we have added to those who are in the club”.

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