Mikel Merino: “How beautiful it is to play football is combined with the Olympic Games”

Mikel Merino analyzed the news of the Spanish team before playing a friendly against Japan.

Play some games: “It is something unique in a person’s life, in a football career it is more difficult to live and in my case it is even more difficult because I am older than allowed. Marco, Dani and I are both privileged to have the confidence of the coach. We are going to remember him throughout our lives and how beautiful it is to play football with the Olympic Games.

Physical condition: “The issue of the back is delicate, the last game I played was the Cup final and I feel good, I am happy, in the first training sessions I am very well, all the work of these months after suffering a lot and Putting a lot of cane is paying off. I don’t think I’m at one hundred percent, like my teammates and the rivals at the moment of the season, it’s going to cost us all. But I’m happy because I don’t have any pain. “

Climate of Japan: “The fact that it is hot has been a reason for preparation in these days before traveling, we did a small preseason in Benidorm that was very good for us to adapt and coming here has not been such a strong stick. The technical staff had planned it , like everything else, and it has been very good for us “.

The players of the absolute: “I see them well, it is true that they have been a very long season and the body gives what it gives, but they have had a week to recharge their batteries in two or three days they will have the competitive level. The bodies of young people like us hold up well and in training I see them well. “

Pedri, voted best young player of the Eurocup: “It is something impressive, all the players at 18 are still to do and in the process of understanding our body and football and he seems to have caught it all very quickly. He has adapted great to Barcelona and has given a great level in a A tournament like the European Championship. He has a lot of merit after playing so many games during the season. He has a very nice future ahead of him. “

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