Mitchell Trubisky keen to be more aggressive as Pittsburgh Steelers offense seek response against Cleveland Browns

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense was criticized after a disappointing performance in their Week 2 loss to the New England Patriots; Watch the Steelers (1-1) vs. Cleveland Browns (1-1) live on Sky Sports NFL from 1:15 AM Friday morning.

Mitch Trubisky acknowledged that he could be more adventurous with shots from the bottom of the field as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ failed offense heads out to face the Cleveland Browns on Thursday night.

Quarterback Trubisky, who was named a starter this offseason after serving as a backup for the Buffalo Bills last year, completed 21 of 33 passes for 168 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

The former Chicago Bears playcall is averaging 5.1 yards per try, while the Steelers as a team recorded just eight plays of at least 15 yards in their first two weeks.

“I think there were some missed opportunities, just a couple of good decisions that I made that gave our playmakers more chances, so I’m hoping to fix that this week,” Trubisky said.

“I could use more opportunities on the pitch and that’s where we can get our playmakers to play football so I think it’s better to make decisions and use those opportunities for sure.

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“Here it is, we had our opportunities, I think I used to be able to hit the field. I could look for 14 (George Pickens) more often, he works great for us and I just need these playmakers to play football.”

“Whatever route they run, I just have to pass the ball to them, so I need to make better decisions, be aggressive and put myself in that position.”

Trubisky noted that the Steelers take some pleasure in rushing offense to catch the defense off guard, and explained how the team hopes to use his out-of-pocket athleticism more effectively.

“There is constant talk about how I can use my legs,” Trubisky said. “There is a fine line between when you can move in your pocket and when you can’t.

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