Mitrovic: “Define myself? I like to speak on the pitch”

ANDhe Serbian was introduced as a new player of the Getafe CF and appreciated his incorporation to the Azulona discipline for the next three seasons. Stefan wants to adapt as soon as possible to the group and be a key player in the defense of Michel.

Arrival in Getafe

“The Spanish competition is one of the best in Europe, the Getafe was interested in me in this campaign, it is an opportunity that we have talked about, it is a great team, it is Maksimovic and he spoke very well to me, there were moments that seemed to be complicated but the effort of Getafe facilitated the signing. “


“I have spoken with the coach, he is a great name with experience, I am very excited to be with him, it will be a great experience”

Let me

“He is a great player and I am happy to be by his side. All the players together create a team and will help us achieve goals.”

Spanish league

“I consider it the best league, close to the German one although for small details it is the best next to the English one.”

Being in Getafe

“I am very happy to sign here, I am happy to be a new player for the Getafe. I respect the language and I promise to do my best for the next press conference to do it in Spanish “

Viktor Nikolov

“As a Balkan player, fighting is always part of my day-to-day life, I share it with Viktor. I love sharing a dressing room with young boys, I always want to help them and contribute my experience “

How do you define yourself

“I like to speak in the field, I like to speak in training”

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