Monchi goes on his way

Lto template of Seville he is still on vacation until the beginning of July. Coach, Julen Lopeteguiis also enjoying a few days off, although he remains in contact with Monchi on the possible decisions that are taken at this start of the market in terms of incorporations or exits. Both of them are very clear that it will be a busy summer and that they must adapt to the circumstances that are marked by it. The main thing, in terms of the arrival of footballers, is that fill those gaps that they leave the starts, with the aim of competing with the maximum possible guarantees as soon as the competition starts in the second week of August.

For this reason, the established plan dictates that the first signings or the first reinforcements must focus on the center of the defense, since the departure of Jules Koundé It is within the roadmap managed by Sevilla, since it was confirmed that of diego charles. Another issue is whether it is interesting to close the transfers before or after the June 30th, for the fiscal year in which its incorporation is accounted for. The normal thing is that Sevilla, even if they close the agreement before, make the incorporation official with July first date. Monchi is now working on that much-needed replacement for Diego Carlos. A strong center back and at the right age to exploit in Sevilla.

There are many and varied offerings to the sports management nervous. Everything that is dying is outside of Spain. Lopetegui he needs a forceful central defender to make him forget as much as possible diego charles. Strong, fast and with a good ball output. A difficult ballot for the sports director given that at the moment the market is hardly moving. start the preseason with one of the key signings in the planning, it seems vitally important for the coach, who only has Rekik (when it comes out Koundé) and knows that it will take time to get back together with a partner that really works. No real rush, but knowing the needs. Monchi’s first job this summer is clear: sign central.

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