Monchi: “We are getting to be identified as a possible candidate … but we are missing a bit”

ANDl Sevilla sports director, Monchi, has given an interview in the Olé newspaper Argentina, where he has reviewed some proper names that link him to the South American country, such as his relationship with Bilardo, a coach that marked him deeply. “More than Argentinism, it is bilardism. It marked me in everything. Through him I learned a philosophy of life, of understanding work and life, in which I believed. That is something that I put into practice and it gave me results, but not only in football, eh. In football and in life I apply Bilardo’s philosophy “, he began.

That same year he shared a dressing room with Diego Armando Maradona, another great memory for the sevillista. “For me that stage was the most beautiful I have lived as a footballer … The idol became a partner and later a friend. I can boast of something that few in the world have: I was a partner of Diego Armando Maradona, I shared a dressing room with him, I played games … Wasn’t he 100%? Was it 30% or 40%? I have plenty of that. Possibly if it had been 100% it would not have been in SevilleSo I’m thankful he wasn’t because that’s what gave me the chance to be with him. And then as a person, I can only speak as a 10“he reflected.

The future of Sevilla

“We have had a little bitter taste because we were in the fight for the championship until the last days. We are getting a role, that people value us and point us out as a team that is a possible candidate. We still have a little left … The Madrid and the Barcelona they are light years away in terms of earning power The Atletico Madrid, from the hand of Cholo Simeone, is consolidating a project that has it continuously in Champions And that in the end gives you income, which allows him to really fight for the championship from time to time. We aspire to do what Atlético has done, to be able to consolidate ourselves in that closeness to the two greats so that, when they are hesitant, agree to surpass them … But we are still a bit far from that. “

His relationship with Simeone

“With the Cholo we also generate a great friendship. He arrived very young, he came from Pisa in Italy, and it was the other Diego… But right away it showed what it is today: a sick of work and a competitor to the maximum. He won over the fans and that shadow, which at first was long, was shortened. I remember that after training we started shooting at the door and there was a bug, an obsessive who always sought to improve. Technique was not his best virtue, he was more about fighting and strength, but little by little he improved based on work. That of being a competitor and a winner always had it“.

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