Monterrubio, dismissed as general director of Granada

The club takes this sudden measure alleging disciplinary reasons and a lack of confidence

Cinstitutional attack in the grenade. Weeks before the end of the season, the rojiblanco team has made the decision to dispense with the services of Antonio Monterrubio, general director of the entity, in a sudden decision by the club.

In a dry statement, Granada has announced that Monterrubio no longer holds the position of Club General Manager, Being the Board of directors who assumes all the management functions of the club directly. In the same statement, the Nasrid entity assures that the property reaffirms the “commitment to continue working on the development of a sustainable and long-term project for Granada that makes it possible for sporting achievements to last over time and replicate in the field. corporate”.

From sources close to the club it has been stated that the decision to dispense with Monterrubio is due to several reasons, highlighting a need to rationalize spending, optimize resources, adapt some salaries to the reality of the club and align the management and sports part with common objectives.

The club also stresses that it was necessary “to regain a climate of trust that had been completely lost”, understanding from the board of directors that new airs are needed so that the sports project and the successes are not something ephemeral. Among the reasons, the club has also alleged “disciplinary issues.”

Sports stability

The departure of Monterrubio seemed a matter of time since the arrival of Patricia Rodríguez as CEO was confirmed weeks ago. If the plans are fulfilled, although the Council has not yet made a decision, Patricia Rodríguez is destined to occupy the armchair left by Monterrubio, being at that time in charge of taking the reins of the club and giving continuity to the project that has generated so many sporting successes.

On the part of the club, it ensures that this movement does not affect the sporting level, and that the great priority continues to be the renewal of Diego Martinez, which is considered a fundamental piece for the project to continue growing in the coming seasons.

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