Montilivi, on alert

TOa what the victory in Vallecas, in the first leg against Rayo, has given Girona wings and confidence in order to achieve the long-awaited promotion to First Division, the harsh recent experiences that the Catalans have lived in their own stadium oblige the entire club and those around them to be cautious in the previous leg of the playoff final against the franjirrojos. And is that, in recent years, Girona has seen how promotion to the top category slipped out of hand in Montilivi itself up to three times, causing considerable drama and a blow that shook the foundations of the project.

Be very careful, Girona !: This Rayo really knows how to overcome

In the 2014/15 season, the Girona team He faced the last day of the league depending on himself to make history and climb directly to First for the first time. After maintaining a brutal fight with Sporting del Pitu Abelardo, those of Machín had to beat Lugo in a crowded Montilivi and ready to make history. Everything was going well, despite the nerves of the locals, but a goal from Pablo Caballero in the 90th minute woke a Girona from sleep who finished third and broken with pain, with morale on the ground and with the playoff semifinals four days away. Although he seemed to lift his spirits with a 0-3 at La Romareda, on the return leg los blanquirrojos fell 1-4 before their fans in a match that showed that the team was broken.

Stuani: “I dream of the final whistle and promotion celebration”

Only one campaign later, 2015/16, the team went from less to more, overcoming mourning, and reached the final of the playoffs after finishing fifth, taking on Enrique Martín’s Osasuna, sixth. With the return in Montilivi and an adverse result, but traced 2-1 in the Sadar, the Girona people lost the train of the highest category again before their fans falling again by 0-1.

The most recent and lasts

Built to move up in just one year and with the most expensive workforce in the category, with a salary cap of 29.2 million, last season Girona imposed itself as an obligation to promote only one year after having dropped from a First in which it was two years. From less to more, the team had up to four technicians, but in the final stage, Francisco took the reins and qualified the Catalans for the final, like this year, and with the field factor in favor against Elche, sixth.


Although this time without an audience in the stands due to the pandemic, the moment in Montilivi was no less painful. After the 0-0 of Martínez Valero, the lap was open, but an expulsion of Stuani for a controversial action, re-arbitrated by the VAR, began to see the drama for the locals, who saw how a goal by Pere Milla in the 96th minute of the game left them without promotion and with the project headdress of death. Therefore, maximum prudence.

There were also joys

Obviously, Montilivi has also been the scene of great joys, as when saved the category in an agonizing way against Murcia in 2010, against Dépor four years later or, without going any further, the day it closed the first and so far only promotion to First against Zaragoza in 2017.

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