Mostovoi: “Spain lacks a little more bad host”

ANDThe mythical former Russian footballer of the Celta de Vigo, Aleksandr Mostovoi, is dropped by the microphones of BRAND Radio to review the Euro 2020 already in play. The midfielder wanted to stand out in Daily the role of his team in this tournament and also spice up the program by getting wet with the Spanish team.

Russia in the Eurocup: “We have not started well at all. They lost in a very strong way. The next one is against Finland and they cannot miss anymore. Finland is not such a good team, one shot on goal and one goal. Russia will win. Next year he eliminated Spain, the team only shot once on goal and scored a goal, and not much has changed; it is practically the same. “

Eriksen: “I was very scared. I was watching it live and from a distance I thought something had broken. But after so long on the field I thought it was pretty bad. It shouldn’t have continued playing. The players are strong, but there are things for which We are not prepared. Imagine the companions how they went through it. What if something happens with someone else? “

Character in football: “In today’s football many players lack character, especially in Russia. The players are very well off playing in the league here, earning a lot, but not competing. That’s why we are getting worse and worse.

Party of Spain: “I missed Iago Aspas. Spain was not going to win, it was clear to me from the beginning. They are very good, but they all lack experience. Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol … those are players. They have a lot of physique, but They don’t know what it’s like to compete in these tournaments. “

Luis Enrique: “He has a lot of character. And that is what Spain lacks, a bit more of a bad host. To win games you have to have an attitude. They will suffer if they continue playing like this.”

Whistles to Morata: “Whistles get on badly. Spain is used to always having to win. It is not the fault of the boys, but of the public that is badly accustomed.”

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