Muniain: “It is incredible that many say that I do not deserve to be captain”

ANDl Athletic awaits Muniain. The rojiblanco captain will not be in a position to line up in the first preseason game after having to slowing down your workouts due to muscle problems. The Navarrese had started training normally, but it was soon decided that he should adopt an individualized routine to alleviate his ailment. This Thursday afternoon he rejoins the group and there is confidence that he will compete again in a short space of time. Even more so because of the way he had to leave the team in the final of the Cup lost with Barcelona (April 17th). He risked playing that final and suffered a tear in one of the hamstring tendons. “I did my best to be there, because the team needed me at such an important moment. I put my physical integrity at risk to be with my colleagues, I paid it but it was a day when I had to take risks “he explained. Now he works with the retrainer due to some discomfort in the soleus of his left leg, which will not prevent him from being at Marcelino’s disposal for the start of the League.

From the Cup final with Barça until now Muniain has been a trend for some images last June, when at a meal with several teammates and their partners in Ibiza a cigar was lit. The wick caught something else because the footballer was the center of criticism. “I don’t know if people also mind that I wear a hairstyle or a shirt like that, or the color of my car. People judge me, criticize me that I am not a good professional, that I do not deserve to be captain for things that have nothing to do with sports. I tell no one how to dress. Many people say that it should not be the captain … I find it incredible. I accept that my musical tastes do not captivate, but that nobody comes to give me lessons to defend this club and wear this braceletI’ve been here for 16 years, I’ve had to listen a lot, endure difficult times, very serious injuries, help young kids, I demand myself, I train voluntarily, I always stand up … Nobody has to give me choices of what it is to give up my life to represent this club“, he stressed.

The rojiblanco captain stopped in the viralization of his photograph with a cigar. “I would not have to give half an explanation of what I do in my private life, I have nothing to hide.” I am aware that I represent Athletic 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I know how to differentiate my professional life from my private one. The few days that I have had on vacation, I have used them to continue training …. “The lighting of the cigar considers it an anecdote.” I do not think it hurts my performance, “he insisted. Of course, it is not something common in his encounters with friends. “I think that everything that came after was beyond a simple cigar,” he warned. He considers that the harshness of the criticism was also due to the fact that the team did not win any of the Cup finals that it played and had two consecutive defeats against Real Sociedad and Barcelona in the interval of two weeks.

The one with the chantrea puts a good face on the future. As much as the footballer has been criticized, he is eager to feel the fans again in San Mamés. “” That is going to be one of the best signings of that season, the wait has been very long, they always carry us in the air, “he said.

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