Murthy and Corona speak with Lim de Guedes

The Valencia market is still stopped … in terms of arrivals. Regarding the exits, the thing is heating up in these last days of August. During the early hours of Monday, Anil Murthy and Corona have contacted the largest shareholder, Peter Lim, to talk about the market. Through a videoconference, the president has reminded them that the price ofe Guedes must be greater than 30 million euros.

The club insists that it cannot be brought to Marcos André until Kangin Lee accepts any of the offers that have come in for him. The Korean occupies a place abroad and that leaves no real options to be able to register the Brazilian from Valladolid.

In the sales section, the idea conveyed by the club is that the great success of the market has been to be able to keep players like Gayà, Soler, or Guedes himself in the squad, that if an offer of 30 million does not arrive, it will not move, at least during this market window.

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