Murthy explains the Valencia market: “We hold the offers for important players and the signings are going to give a high yield”

ANDl president of Valencia, Anil Murthy, does not hide his satisfaction with the creation of the template with which he understands that “it has reinforced the club’s identity and its DNA “. In an interview in the club’s official media, the Singaporean executive highlights the importance of having kept the best players that they were already putting up with “all the offers” that came during the summer last season and appreciates the consensus that has emerged to close all operations between Bordalás and Corona and qwhich has allowed “Peter Lim’s approval” to go ahead with the signings. Contrary to what happened last season, when no player was signed, Murthy explains that it was a measure that has now allowed him to find himself in a more comfortable position: “The decisions we make have allowed us to face this market with much more force“.

The Singaporean president does not enter proper names except to highlight the values ​​of the Academy represented by the two hospitalizations for Spain Carlos Soler and Gayá. In addition, he welcomes the leadership that the new coach is exercising and that is being seen at the start of the season: “He is our top coach and I hope for many seasons”. Nor does he set goals for this course despite the good start of the team: “We do not wantset goals for the end of the seasonInstead, the goal is game by game. ”

This is the transcript of the interview with VCF Mèdia

Market valuation

“I am very satisfied with this transfer market for two reasons. First, we put up with all offers for important players in the squad. We decided to strengthen this team by keeping our best players. We signed six new players who are going to give this team a performance. much higher. The second is more important because the identity of this club and its DNA have been strengthened. ”

Consensus in decision making

“When we signed José Bordalás, who is our top coach and I hope that for many seasons, we decided that the process was going to be one of consensus. The football director, Miguel Ángel Corona, and his technical secretariat proposed many names and we made decisions with consensus. Everyone is happy with the signings we made. With this consensus we got Peter Lim’s approval to continue with these signings. ”

Maintain the DNA of Valencia

“We have started this League very well. We are here to fight for victories in every game. We don’t want to set goals for the end of the season, but the goal is game by game. It is clear that we have recovered Valencia’s DNA, its values, their desire to fight, to compete, to run the whole game to achieve victory. For us it is something fundamental. It is clearly seen in the first three LaLiga matches. The players want to compete. This with Bordalás leadership is complete. I am very optimistic that we will continue like this and now more with the team even more strengthened. I have spoken with the captains and they tell me that they are very excited and want to fight for everything this season. ”

The cuts from last season

“We decided to make this decision soon. We knew that the effect of the pandemic was going to be a problem in general. It is clear that many clubs are facing this problem this season. We decided to do it soon so that we can build the team we have today. The season The last one was not good. We had a difficult situation, not only because of the pandemic, but also because we were out of the Champions League. In this situation we have to make difficult decisions to balance the accounts and the squad. It was a difficult moment for everyone. The decisions that we take have allowed us to face this market with much more force and we are here to restore the enthusiasm to the fans “.

Trust the quarry

“It is a great pride for all of us that today we have Gayà and Soler in the National Team. It is a reflection of the values ​​that we want to spread within the Academy. The Academy is excellence, but also values. We know that there are many good players. Here in Valencia, we are going to support those who want to be there and we are going to support them to death. We have examples like Gayà and Soler who are leaders today and are spreading the values ​​of the Valencia youth academy. It is a policy of the club that they will follow and it is ours. future”.

Return of the fans to Mestalla

With what the team is doing on the field, people are even more eager to see the team they identify with. With this illusion, Mestalla will vibrate as before and together we will fight and we will win.

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