Nacho’s high

ANDSoccer is so unpredictable that just over a year ago no one imagined that Nacho would continue in the Real Madrid and Varane Y Bouquets they would be out. At that time, the player closed the 19-20 season with only 10 games and just 600 minutes. It was mainly because of the injuries, which had almost always respected him to the point of suffering his first injury since childhood the previous season. But the next League, that of the stoppage due to the pandemicIt was the hardest, with two major injuries.

But Nacho endured, came back stronger and time has placed him in a position few imagined. He also had doubts at the end the second season of Ancelotti’s first stage (14-15), after which he seriously considered leaving his home.

The emotional video of Nacho’s ‘life’ at Real Madrid

But now he is certain that he was right to endure and believe. This campaign is going to start now as one of the captains, something that had never happened despite will be his twelfth white campaign. It will be the third, behind Marcelo and Benzema, and the fourth Modric, which is undoubtedly a prize for their loyalty and dedication to some colors. In fact, Nacho is the only one ‘one club man’ of the current squad, the only player who has played his entire career at Real Madrid, since he joined La Fábrica’s alevín B in 2001, 20 years ago now.

Nacho, in addition to being part of the group of captains, appears to his 31 years the canine of ownership clearer than ever. The center-back, and sometimes a winger, has reason to look at the campaign with optimism after having earned a place in the eleven and fully responding in the final stretch of the season, coinciding with the injury of Ramos and Varane. The club will not sign a priori more centrals, and with Alaba and Militao he will fight for a position in the center of the rear, although the former Bayern You can also play on the left back or in the midfield.

For more peace of mind, Nacho also faces the season with the peace of mind of knowing that the last one will not be except a surprise. On July 7, the club made its official renewal for one more year, until 2023, as a reward for his great career and excellent performance alongside Militao in the final stretch of the season.

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