Nano Mesa: “Cartagena, Castellón, Albacete … everyone is pressing, but we are going to save ourselves”

MARCA interview with the revelation signing of UD Logroñés in winter

Lhe has scored a goal and an assist in the almost a thousand minutes spread over 13 games played with the UD Logroñés. Nano Table (La Laguna, 1995) landed in winter in Logroño to try to refresh the attack zone of the white and red. Thanks to his dedication, the Canarian attacker has conquered La Rioja fans who cling to his guerrilla character to seek permanence. The player on loan from Cádiz analyzes his adventure in Las Gaunas at MARCA.

What balance have you made since you arrived in Las Gaunas in winter?

When I arrived it coincided with a bad run of results, but it seems that we have been able to get out of that pothole. Little by little we are turning it around, although the result against Cartagena was bad. Now we have to get up and look towards the next game, which is very important. In general, I am happy with how everything is going in La Rioja.

Is UD Logroñés as you imagined?

I would have imagined it better with people in the stadium. We don’t like empty fields. They had spoken to me very well about the city, which is small, and about Las Gaunas. To improve all this, the support of the fans would have been important. But it is what it is and I have to enjoy the experience even if it is without an audience.

You have gone from going up to First to fighting not to go down to Pro, how do you carry that change of objective?

We are out of the descent and that encourages. We have to be calm, knowing that it is complicated. We have to fight and fight. We are going to save the category. We are not in a bad situation because the red zone is down, but we must not trust ourselves. Regarding the objectives, it is normal. Each season can change.

People have been very surprised by his performance and the desire that he puts on being a loaned footballer. Does this assessment surprise you?

No, I needed confidence. After that I have shown in the field the confidence that they have given me. There is no complaint about me and I will do my best until the end of the season.

If they offer you to renew or stay, would you do it?

We will see that. Most likely I will have to go back to Cádiz, which is the team I belong to. My idea is to earn a position at Cádiz, but it would not hurt to stay here. Now my obsession is that the team is saved, there will be time to think about that.

How do you see ‘your’ Cádiz?

He’s doing well this season. He has never gone downhill and has been in the middle of the table all season. Now he’s got a bump, but he’s still out of the danger zone. He will save for sure, although he had no luck against Valladolid. They have to go patiently until they get salvation.

Do you see yourself more comfortable playing solo at the front or do you prefer to be second forward?

I would like to play with another striker, with another you always play easier. That helps a lot. I understand myself with Leo and with David as well. I think we are colleagues who get along well and we know how the situation is. We help each other and it shows even in training.

Sergio Rodríguez was on the ropes, how do the players see him?

I see the coach well, encouraged. It was speculated that he might get out, but it was outside gossip more than anything else. The club trusts him and he should stay here a long time because he is an emblem of the club. He’s doing great. He went up to the Second B team and now he has us out of relegation. You can not ask for more.

How is your relationship with Iñaki? The captain is the idol of the team, was he key to his signing? Are you pulling their ears?

I have known him since our time in Tenerife. It is very intense, he is always driving people to be active. Both he and the team captains put intensity to be well and that we all give the maximum level. Iñaki, apart from being a good captain, is a very good person. It had a lot to do with my coming here. I had other offers and when Iñaki found out that the club wanted to sign me, he called me to decide in peace. Thanks in part to him I am here. He encouraged me to come and talk about the wonders of this team.

With the schedule that remains and how tight the classification is, what percentage do you give the team to save itself?

We are in a very competitive league. Two months ago everyone thought that the Alcorcón was going to descend and look how it is now. Cartagena, Castellón, Albacete … all are pressing. Everything is very equal and this can change every day. I could not say a specific percentage, but a high one. We are going to save ourselves.

Why are you so sure?

The important thing is that those below are not adding, but we have to think about our thing. The Castalia thing is a final because it is a direct rival. I have not been able to see many Castellón games, but this week we are analyzing it thoroughly. Any team is competitive, but I believe that we have the capacity and quality to save ourselves.

Finally, how would you celebrate the goal of salvation if you run on your own?

With much relief. I have not come to Logroño to see them coming. For me it is very important that the team stay in LaLiga Smartbank. Right now I don’t know how I would celebrate that goal, because it is usually something improvised, but surely with a lot of joy because it would be a great relief.

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