Nazilli Belediyespor Men’s Basketball Team goes down to the park

The Men’s Basketball Team of Nazilli Belediyespor Club, which has also appeared in amateur and professional sports branches in recent years, is going down to the park.

Nazilli Belediyespor Men’s Basketball Team, whose head coach will be Öğünç Tokgöz, will start preparations for the new season on August 15 for the 2022-2023 season.

Head coach Öğünç Tokgöz stated that a strong and assertive team has been established with the transfers he has made, and said, “We have re-signed with Bahadır Şimşek, Doğancan Tokmak, Samet Demirok, Mehmet Meriç and our young brother Efe Gölcük, who wore our jersey successfully last season, and they will be in our team in the 2022-2023 season. Erhan Kocamış, who played in the forward position, who wore our jersey before Kastamonu Yurdum GSK last season, Serhat Çorumlular, who took charge in the guard position wearing the Beylikdüzü SK uniform last season, and power forward who wore the Istanbul Efendileri SK jersey last season. Alperen Tolga İzgin, who was assigned to the task, and Buğrahan Oğuz, who played for Büyük Anadolu SK last season and took charge in the power forward position, and Oğulcan Sanca, who wore Samsunspor jersey last season, we made an agreement before the new season. do lduran, we have prepared a team that will make the basketball lovers of Nazilli happy, who support us, and we also have players with whom we continue to meet. I hope we will represent our Nazilli in the best way by forming the longed-for and expected squad and fighting much better.”


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