NBA 2021 draft to be held on July 29

The 2021 draft in the American Basketball League (NBA) will be held on Thursday, July 29th.

In the statement made on the website of the NBA, details of this year’s player selection were shared.

Accordingly, the draw for the 2021 draft will be drawn on June 22, and the auditions will be held on July 29.

The event, in which the players pass some tests and go on trial training with the teams, will be held on June 21-27.

The centers that will host the draft organizations will be determined later.

The lottery, which determines the order in which the teams will choose players in the draft, is shaped according to the rankings obtained in the regular season. Thanks to the draw, the teams that complete the season in the lower steps are given the opportunity to choose from the upper ranks in the draft.


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