Nesibe Aydın Women’s Basketball Team met with students

Completing the 2020-2021 season of the Turkish Women’s Basketball Super League in the 3rd place, Nesibe Aydın Women’s Basketball Team met with the students before the Euro Cup.

Nesibe Aydın Women’s Basketball Team, which will compete in the Euro Cup next season, answered students’ questions and wished them success for the new academic year.

Head of Nesibe Aydın Schools Mirkan Aydın, emphasizing that they will compete in both lanes this year, said, “Last year our team put up a really good fight. The conditions related to the epidemic forced us, but we aimed to be the most disciplined team, both in terms of the culture of our institution and our perspective on sports. This year, we hear that we will continue our culture. We want to see our team image, which is disciplined, running, working, struggling and pushing for the best, on the field. This year we will compete in two lanes. We will be after the league and federation cup in Turkey. We will also be in the Euro Cup challenge, which we will experience for the first time this year. Our aim is to be at the top of both. Both in Europe and Turkey. This, of course, requires a large staff infrastructure. We have also made agreements with the athletes who will carry us to this goal. It has been intensively working on the new season for about a month. In a few days, we will also start the practice matches. We want to see the quarter finals. Why not higher levels? I don’t want to sound assertive as we will experience it for the first time. We want to be a club that will represent Turkey successfully in the following seasons, be it the Euro Cup or the Euro League,” he said.


Underlining that they will compete in both the Turkish League and the European Cup, Nesibe Aydın Basketball Team Coach Erman Okerman said, “This year, a more difficult season will await us. Inevitably, all the opponents we come across will appear on the field knowing that they played last year’s third. Last year’s Turkish League was different, this year’s league is different. I think a more difficult Turkish League awaits us this year. In addition to this, we also have a goal for the European Cup. This gets us very excited. We cannot think only of the European Cup, we have to take them together with the Turkish League. Playing in Europe will cause difficulties in the Turkish League from time to time. We formed a staff accordingly. I hope that we want to achieve a success that surprises everyone by building on our success last year.”


Emphasizing that they want to continue the successful graphic of last year, team captain Merve Uygül continued as follows:

“We drew a very successful graph last year. Now we want not to fall under the successful graph we drew last year in the Turkish League. We want to put more success on it. Besides, we want to represent Nesibe Aydın Basketball Club in the best possible way and represent Turkey in the best possible way.”

After the event, the Women’s Basketball Team, technical team and students posed for a souvenir photo.

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