NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says Buffalo Bills need a new stadium

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Haymark Stadium is the fourth oldest stadium in the league and renovations will not be enough; Franchise owners Terry and Kim Pegula have put forward a $ 1.4 billion proposal to build a new stadium, but have called on local governments to back them up.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell called on the Buffalo Bills to build a new stadium funded by a public-private partnership, saying “You have to think long term.”

A $ 1.4 billion proposal to build a new stadium was submitted by Buffalo owners, led by Terry and Kim Pegula.

The Bills, who have been in Buffalo throughout its history and at Orchard Park Stadium since 1973, pressured local governments to help build the stadium.

“This has been going on for decades and it’s time to build a new stadium so we can make sure the Bills are here and will be successful for many, many decades to come,” Goodell said.

“You cannot make plans and projects until you close the deal, and right now the City of Buffalo and the State (New York) will have to decide if they want to create a team,” says Pegula Sports and Entertainment. spokesman Jim Wilkinson said WIVB-TV

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