NFL Fantasy Football: Hannah Wilkes’ weekly guide to fumbling your way through the 2021 season

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Hannah Wilkes lends a helping hand as you assemble your NFL Fantasy team; Watch NFL Extra Time with Wilkes and Josh Denzel and guests Kay Adams and Will Blackmon every Thursday starting September 16 at 9:00 pm on Sky Sports NFL.

Sky sportsSelf-styled fantasy football guru Hannah Wilkes will help you navigate the 2021 season in her new weekly column, starting with tips to help you prepare for your fantasy draft …

And what goes hand in hand with the kick-off? Fantasy football.

There are fantasy leagues in almost every sport these days, but no other can match the behemoth that Fantasy is in relation to the NFL. Specialized websites, endless articles, TV shows, countless podcasts, books and entire careers have been created to satisfy the voracious appetite for Fantasy analysis and advice.

From getting drafted (possibly during the busiest hours of September every year) to harnessing the wire of rejection, navigating through injuries, and the emotional exhaustion that accompanies breakdowns and breakouts, the all-consuming little brother of the NFL has it all.

And isn’t it just fun !?

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September 10, 2021 1:10 AM

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This year we will have great success with Fantasy. Sky Sports NFL, witho Welcome to Fighting Through Fantasy Football.

A weekly loss diary will be devastating, and bad decisions will always make good stories *.

In the interests of full disclosure, and possibly for legal reasons, I would like to emphasize that, as the name suggests, I am not a fantasy expert. Although here you will find a little useful information **.

If you need some solid fantastic advice, I suggest tune in to Kay Adams on NFL, overtime with me and Josh Denzel every Thursday at 21:00 Sky Sports NFL (thin cork I know) or follow the excellent work of Adam Rank et al on

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