NFL Fantasy: Kyle Pitts lights up London, Carson Wentz an option at quarterback in Week Six?

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Hannah Wilkes helps you navigate the 2021 season in her weekly column. Watch NFL Extra Time with Hannah and Josh Denzel, and guests Kay Adams and Will Blackmon every Thursday from 9pm. Sky Sports NFL

Sky sportsNFL fantasy football guru Hannah Wilkes helps you navigate the 2021 season in her weekly column, where this week she looks back at the league’s return to London and offers several quarterback options until the weeks pass.

His energy was palpable after the Atlanta Falcons won their second win of the season to a sold-out London crowd, and his big smile pretty much reflected the mood of more than 60,000 people (even New York). Jet engine fans).

Being there on Sunday, I simultaneously felt that the London Games had never left, but also that their return raised the level of excitement to the extreme. When I arrived at 10:30 on Sunday morning, the fans were growing and nine hours after the teams left for the airport, they were still gaining strength.

As always, the stands were vibrant: all 32 teams in jerseys were dressed – our American friends who came to the game were particularly pleased with the number of Blake Bortles jerseys on display – and national anthems set a new standard in the game. a clear “wow” factor. There is a lot of talk about the “Super Bowl atmosphere” at the International Games, but I don’t think that’s right; they are a separate party and everyone is invited.

And, of course, it was an even better day for the fantasy football managers who were sticking to the tight end of Kyle Pitts’ Falcon. Without Calvin Ridley, Russell Gage or Wayne Gallman, it was heralded as Pitts’ breakout game, with nine receptions for 119 yards plus his first career touchdown, fourth overall draft in 2021 to 26.90 fantasy points and (finally?) Justified their hype. He also demonstrated impressive tough hand skills and incredible hand control; Catching with one hand right in front of our Sky sideline was a personal experience.

Nevertheless, safely return him to the bench as Atlanta, along with their London opponents the Jets, the San Francisco 49ers and the New Orleans Saints, will be gone in week six.

Goodbye weeks. And it would be a good idea to plan ahead, especially if you look at Week 7, which is where the Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Chargers, Minnesota Vikings, Pittsburgh Steelers and Jacksonville Jaguars rest. This means that there is no Josh Allen, no Stephon Diggs, no defense of the Bills, no CeeDee Lamb, no Justin Herbert, no Aust … you get the idea.

The good news is that there are many options out there that can spare you the weekly stuck, and there are probably a few decent sleepers that you keep ignoring. (Tim Patrick, anyone!?).

While you probably don’t have a quarterback from any of the week 6 teams as a starter (unless you’re brave), be prepared for at least three people in your league to need it next week. If you’re playing dirty, grabbing players like Carson Wentz (who has been stable), Taylor Heinicke and / or Sam Darnold may not be a bad idea right now.

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