NFL Germany: Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich named as three finalist cities in search for host partner

The three German NFL final list cities will now enter the Candidate Phase to further discuss regular season game proposals.

The NFL has confirmed that Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich are three German cities in talks to host regular season games.

The three shortlisted cities are now invited to enter the “candidate phase” of the process, during which they will participate in further conversations about welcoming the NFL to Germany.

The Berlin Senate Interior and Sports Department informed Sky Sports earlier this year that the city was not going to host, while Hamburg’s Interior and Sports Department acknowledged that there was uncertainty about the city’s ability to meet the NFL’s immediate demands.

“The regular season games are a key part of continuing to develop our German fan base, generating more interest in the sport and fostering more interaction with fans and communities,” said Brett Gosper, head of the NFL Europe and UK.

“The strong interest we’ve received from German cities underscores what a fantastic opportunity this is for a host, ranging from significant economic benefits and global impact to the chance to become a hub for increased NFL fan engagement, community and grassroots engagement. … “

The head of the NFL Europe and the UK Brett Gosper says that in the future, London may host at least three games per season.

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The head of the NFL Europe and Great Britain Brett Gosper says that in the future London may host at least three games per season.

The multifunctional Merkur Spire Arena, currently home to the 2nd side of the Bundesliga Fortuna Düsseldorf, has a capacity of 54,600 and was previously the home stadium of the Rhein Fire and also hosted several Wladimir Klitschko fights.

The Waldstadion in Frankfurt can accommodate 51,500 fans for league football matches as the home stadium of Eintracht Frankfurt, and 48,000 fans for American football events as it was the home stadium for the Frankfurt galaxy NFL Europe and has also hosted three FIFA World Cups , and since 2008 – the German Cup. …

Meanwhile, the Allianz Arena of Bavaria is the second largest stadium in Germany with a seating capacity of 75,000, just after the Westfalenstadion of Borussia Dortmund with 81,365 seats.

The NFL is set to play its 30th game in London since 2007, when the Jacksonville Jaguars face the Miami Dolphins at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Sunday 17 October.

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