NFL playoff permutations for Week 18: Packers and Patriots to win wild card spots? Eagles and Chiefs to clinch No 1 seeds?

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Sunday’s NFL coverage this week live on Sky shows the Patriots need to beat Bill on the road to secure a spot in the AFC playoffs; The Eagles could take the top spot in the NFC with a home win over the Giants; there’s also a bonus double header on Saturday night when the regular season wraps up

With the 2022 NFL regular season coming to a close this weekend, we have a lot to play for, playoff spots on the line, and seeding yet to be determined. Here we take a look at what exactly is at stake in week 18…

At the moment New England Patriots (8-8) keep their fate in their own hands in the AFC. Winning Buffalo Bills (12-3) on Sunday – live on Sky Sports NFL18:00 – and they are in business, regardless of the results in other places.

Miami Dolphins (8-8) would benefit from a loss or tie for the Patriots if they beat the New York Jets (7-9) at home, and if they also lost then Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8) is the next cab in the rankings and would have crept in with a home win over the Cleveland Browns (7-9).

There’s a way the Patriots can still qualify for the playoffs after losing as long as the Dolphins, Steelers, AND Jacksonville Jaguars (8-8) everyone loses.

Regarding the last place of the NFC wildcard, Seattle Seahawks (8-8) are currently in possession of the seventh and final seed, but do not see that they have all the cards before the last weekend.

Win against the Los Angeles Rams (5-11) on Sunday and they’ll still be forced out of the playoff picture. Green Bay Packers (8-8) if they won Sunday Night Football against Detroit Lions (8-8) – live on Sky Sports NFL1:20 Monday.

If the Lions had won, then the Seahawks would have progressed… IF they hadn’t lost to the Rams, in which case Detroit would have taken the postseason spot with a win. The Lions would also edge out the Packers in the event of a tie and loss to the Seahawks.

Kansas City Chiefs (13-3) and Philadelphia Eagles (13-3) currently own the No. 1 seeds in the AFC and NFC respectively, but both need to win this weekend to ensure they’re the ones who get the benefit of an extra week off with a bye in the first round. playoffs.

The Eagles will also gain home field advantage throughout the postseason by defeating the New York Giants 9-6-1 at home on Sunday. live on Sky Sports NFL, 21:25. But the Chiefs aren’t sure about that luxury, even if they get a road win over the Las Vegas Raiders on Saturday… live on Sky Sports NFL21:30 – Due to the cancellation of the week 17 game between the Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals.

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