NFL playoffs: Super Wild Card Weekend matchups confirmed – when and where can you watch on Sky Sports?

Can the Tom Brady Pirates of Tampa Bay claim to win the Super Bowl in a row? Will Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City executives avenge last year’s defeat? Or can Aaron Rogers secure the championship in what could be his final season with the Green Bay Packers?

The NFL playoffs are set to kick off this weekend with the Super Wild Card weekend, which features six games spanning – for the first time – three nights, and you can watch every game live on Sky Sports.

The Super Wild Card Weekend kicks off with the Las Vegas Raiders, who have dramatically booked their postseason seat, head to Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday night, with the first playoff round ending with an NFC West rivalry between the Arizona Cardinals and Los. Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium, home to the LVI Super Cup. The match between the Rams and the Cardinals will be the first playoff game in NFL history to take place on Monday night.

Here’s everything you need to know about Super Wild Card Weekend – every live game played on the Sky Sports NFL – and every subsequent playoff round (GMT time and date) leading up to the Super Bowl on February 13th.

Saturday 15 January

AFK: Las Vegas Raiders (No. 5 seeds) @ Cincinnati Bengals (4) – Start of the match, 21:35.

AFK: New England Patriots (6) @ Buffalo bills (3) – CO, 1:15 (Sunday)

Sunday January 16th

NFC: Philadelphia Eagles (7) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2) – knockout, 18:05

NFC: San Francisco Forty Niners (6) @ Dallas cowboys (3) – knockout, 21:30

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