NFL Predictions Week Seven: Neil Reynolds stays five ahead of Jeff Reinbold after Week Six tie

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Watch Football Thursday Night – Denver Broncos @ Cleveland Browns – Sky Sports NFL live from 1.20 am Friday; Join Neil Reynolds and his company on Sunday to see the triple headline of NFL events live from 5pm.

Neil Reynolds has a five-game lead over Jeff Reinebold after the pair drew nine correct picks last week … but who wins in week seven?

A sixth week win over Baltimore Ravens and the Arizona Cardinals influenced Jeff, but Neal finished tiering with his picks from the Cincinnati Bengals and Las Vegas Raiders, giving him a 65-60 lead for the season overall.

Click on the link below to listen to this week’s ITH podcast. and read on to see Neal and Jeff’s predictions in Week 7 …

Thursday Night Football Live on Sky Sports NFL Friday 13.20.


Neil Reynolds Jeff Reinebold
First week nine 7
Week two 13 12
Week three 12 eleven
Week four eight nine
Week five fourteen 12
Week six nine nine
Total points 65 60

“Cleveland’s injury list is dangerous for the season. They lost Baker Mayfield, both runners – Nick Chubb and Karim Hunt – and probably both of their attacking tackles this time around. And Odell Beckham Jr!

“The Browns should be the best football team here, but all these injuries worry me. I think they are troubling, so I take Denver. “


“You can’t lose so many frontline players and expect you to beat anyone, let alone a well-defended Denver team that is wobbling and in dire need of this win. For me the Broncos. “

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