NFL removes mask for 2021 draft

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The NFL, who until the end of the season had been relentless with those who removed their masks during matches, applying very high fines, has announced that this garment will not be required in team halls during the draft ceremony (April 29-May 1 in Cleveland), as long as all members of the franchise who attend are vaccinated.

The league made the announcement to the teams last Thursday through a letter, explaining all the anticovid measures that must be taken, and the exceptions. Social distancing is also suppressed in the aforementioned case that all attendees are vaccinated. In these rooms even drinking and eating will be allowed as was done until last year, when the ceremony was online and each virtual assistant was urged to do it from home and face-to-face meetings, necessary to make decisions quickly, were not organized.

The league did specify that the rooms where everyone is protected against covid-19, will have a limit of 10 employees. Nevertheless, if not all components of a franchise are vaccinated, they may meet in one of the rooms set up in groups of 20 people maximum, but with social distancing, a mask and without sharing anything.

On the sporting level, the Jacksonville Jaguars have the first pick and he points to going for the quarterback in Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence.

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