How To Watch NFL 2023 Season Live Free (Live Streams Online)

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The NFL regular season is about to begin, and fans are eagerly waiting for the first set of games to take place all over the United States. The NFL is the most profitable sports league in the world, even surpassing the Premier League in terms of revenue generation. On average, an NFL player earns over $2.75 million per year, which is much higher than what players make in other sports leagues globally. Despite its immense popularity in the United States, the NFL does not have a strong international following like some of the top soccer leagues.

The 2023 season will run from August to February, featuring approximately 16 matches per week. American TV networks like NBC, FoxSports, CBS, and ESPN share the broadcast rights for these games. To watch the NFL games on TV in the United States, you would need multiple subscriptions. However, we will guide you on how to watch NFL live streams online legally without paying hefty subscription fees.

How Can You Legally Watch NFL Live Streams Online?

The NFL has a dedicated streaming platform called NFL Game Pass designed to provide live streams for fans worldwide. Since the NFL does not have TV rights deals in many countries, this website offers an opportunity for fans to enjoy the entire season from anywhere globally. Although it requires a subscription fee, the cost depends on the country you access the app from.

Subscribing to NFL Game Pass in the United States can be quite expensive. However, accessing the service from India costs only $1 per month. Unfortunately, NFL Game Pass has geographical restrictions, so US residents cannot subscribe as Indian residents. But with a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can bypass the system and subscribe to NFL Game Pass for just $1 from any location worldwide.

How Does It Work?
  1. First, you need a VPN account. We highly recommend ExpressVPN or NordVPN. Although we are not affiliated with these services, we can vouch for their excellent quality.
  2. Download the official VPN app from the provider you chose.
  3. Install the app on the device you plan to use for watching NFL live streams.
  4. Set your VPN’s IP address to India.
  5. Return to your browser and visit the NFL Subscription page.
  6. Purchase the subscription using prepaid cards bought online.
  7. And there you have it – NFL live coverage for just $1 a month!
  8. You can also use this same method to watch matches on BBC iPlayer, which is available for free in the UK.

What Other Ways Can I Watch NFL Live Streams Online?

If you remember Reddit’s /r/NFLStreams subreddit, which was banned a few years ago, it was the best source for finding free live streams of all NFL games throughout the season. Since the subreddit was banned, its creators developed a dedicated NFL Live Stream website called NFLbite.

The unique feature of this site is that it is entirely free. Although it is not 100% legal, it falls into a gray area because they do not host or publish any copyrighted material themselves. They gather the best working links for each NFL game and create a live links thread for each match, which is available one hour before the start of each game.

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