NFL Sunday on Sky Sports: Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers meet for potentially final time, 49ers tight end George Kittle returns from injury

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins Kick Off NFL Season 3 Sunday – Live on Sky Sports at 6:00 PM – with Green Bay Packers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9:25 PM) and San Francisco 49ers @ Denver Broncos (1:20 AM Monday) complete the trio. -title.

Young quarterbacks Cayir Elam and Jevon Holland, along with veteran quarterbacks Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, are in for some of the stories to watch on yet another NFL highlight Sunday live on Sky Sports.

The open audition to win Rodgers’ trust continues in Green Bay as Matt LaFleur’s offense continues to adjust to life after Davante Adams, who left during the offseason to reunite with former college quarterback Derek Carr in Las Vegas.

Aaron Jones recalled his release during the second week of victory over the Chicago Bears, when he scored 170 yards in scrimmage and two touchdowns off the field, while off-season recruit Sammy Watkins got into Rodgers’ good books with three catches on 93 yards.

Allen Lazard was slated to be Rodgers’ leading receiver early in the season, but was hampered by injury from the start, second-round rookie Christian Watson is still trying to right his due first-round touchdown drop against the Minnesota Vikings, and rookie fourth-rounder Romeo Dubs plays with heightened expectations after an impressive pre-season.

How this Packers offense is going to rebuild, how long it will take and what identity it will adopt is one of the league’s biggest questions.

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Buffalo Bills defense Leslie Frazier arrived in Miami Sunday, where she was greeted by the Dolphins firing squad, which had just shot the Baltimore Ravens with the help of Tua Tagovailoa and his team of track and field stars. Tyreke Hill leads the NFL with 284 receiving yards after 11 interceptions for 190 yards and two touchdowns in Week 2, while Jaylen Waddle is third in the league with 240 receiving yards behind 171 and two points, including the game winner with 14 seconds to go. end. .

According to ESPN Stats & Info, the Bills have the fourth most pass rush wins (58 percent) against the Dolphins, who have the 23rd most pass wins (56 percent). But with neck injuries to Mika Hyde and defenseman Dane Jackson, Sunday beckons as an increased test for starting corners Elam, a first-round pick from Florida, and Christian Benford, a sixth-round pick from Villanova.

“The production they gave us, the games weren’t too big for them,” Bills defense coordinator Leslie Fraser said of the freshman pair. “So if it comes down to where they both have to start, we’ll make sure they’re both there.”

Kyle Shanahan’s countless hours of scribbling and sketching in preparation for life under Trey Lance on a full-time basis were rocked last week when the sophomore quarterback suffered a season-ending ankle fracture against the Seattle Seahawks.

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