NFL training camp: Ten storylines to follow this summer

Quarterback fights in New Orleans and Denver; uncertainty about the future of Aaron Rogers; high-profile comebacks including Saqwon Barkley and Christian McCaffrey; a Houston Texans rebuild and retreat committees. We’re exploring several NFL training camps that are worth watching …

The NFL’s so-called “ dead time ” is finally coming to an end as the stocks come out and teams begin to enter training camp ahead of the 2021 campaign.

In this regard, we will look at a few storylines that are worth paying attention to …

When it comes to confusion and question marks, it’s hard to know which way to look. But let’s start with New Orleans, where the Saints enter a realm of uncertainty as Jamis Winston takes over and Tysom Hill becomes his shadow after Drew Brees departs. Can Sean Payton and Peter Carmichael help the former No. 1 overall get rid of the messy interceptions? We will find out.

The Denver Broncos will host their own quarterback competition between Drew Locke and Teddy Bridgewater; Daniel Jones Prepares For A Successful Year With The New York Giants; eyes will be firmly on the development of Tua Tagowailao with a revamped Miami Dolphins attack; The Pittsburgh Steelers Await To See How Much More Ben Rotlisberger Has To Offer; Jared Goff began new careers at the Detroit Lions; Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kyle Allen and Taylor Heinicke will all be competing for the position in Washington, and of course there is that man, Aaron Rogers, whose fate with the Green Bay Packers is still unknown.

Elsewhere in rookie land, Trey Lance will be given time to absorb the genius of Kyle Shanahan in a tough spot for Jimmy Garoppolo, Justin Fields will be looking to challenge the Chicago Bears’ plans to launch Andy Dalton in the first week, Mc Jones will be looking to push Cam. Newton in New England, while Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson feel the weight of anticipation as they prepare for a major overhaul from the start.

Many will recall a strange period last year, when it seemed that every week there was a new injury at the end of the season. After operations and grueling rehabilitation processes, the loud victims returned.

Dallas Cowboys fans will welcome Duck Prescott with open arms after his horrific ankle injury in Week 5 against The Giants, who in the meantime will be backing star running back Saqwon Barkley after a knee injury he suffered against the Bears in Week 2 …

Panther mascot Christian McCaffrey is returning with a shoulder injury that left him out of work after the third week, the 49ers will be reinforced by the presence of star rebel Nick Bose after playing just two games, and the Bengals are set to get the former No. Joe Burrow’s first overall pick returned to center after his illustrious rookie year was brutally halted by an ACL and MCL break.

Cleveland Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. wants to bounce back from a cruciate ligament rupture, Steelers midfielder Devin Bush is set for a huge year after topping his five games last season and Minnesota Vikings defender Daniel Hunter, Denver Broncos midfielder Von Miller and Los Angeles Security Force Chargers Derwin James hopes to get into the fighting by skipping the entire 2020 campaign.

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