NFL Week Four Stats: Tom Brady’s latest landmark night takes place in New England

Benedict Bermange picks top stats after Tom Brady’s landmark night as he sets a new NFL record for passing yards upon returning to New England to face the Patriots; Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defeat Patriots 19-17

Tom Brady has the most Super Bowl wins (7) in his career (233) and touchdowns (591) in NFL history. And on Sunday night, back in Foxboro, Brady added another entry to his list.

The 44-year-old played Sunday Night Football alongside his former employers, the New England Patriots, who needed 68 yards to surpass Drew Brees’ career by a total of 80,358 yards.

He duly set a new benchmark, completing a 28-yard run for receiver Mike Evans, and finished a total of 269 yards per night.

The NFL didn’t start keeping official statistics until 1932, so here are the quarterbacks who have held the passing title in chronological order since that date:

Brady finished the day with an 80,560 yards pass, cementing his first spot ahead of Brice, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre and Philip Rivers.

Period Player
1932-1942 Arnie Herbert
1942-1954 Sammy Baugh
1954-1960 Otto Graham
1960-1961 Bobby Lane
1961-1966 I am tittle
1966-1976 Johnny Unitas
1976-1995 Fran Tarkenton
1995-2007 Dan Marino
2007-2015 Brett Favre
2015-2018 Peyton Manning
2018-2021 Drew Brees

Brady also projected his 50th winning drive of his career, becoming the third quarterback to have at least 50 such drives.

Brady’s win made him the fourth quarterback to defeat all 32 NFL franchises, joining Favre, Peyton Manning and Brice. It also made Bill Belichick the 100th NFL head coach to lose at least one Brady game.

However, he missed one plate. It took him 350 yards to get past Brice (35,506 pass in the Superdome), the largest single-stadium player in NFL history, but lost 81 yards.

Perhaps pertinently, the final statistic probably should be the fact that Brady has won more Super Bowls than any other player, head coach, or even a team – in history:

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