Nobody adds more than Luis Suárez


The Uruguayan appeared at the decisive moment of the match against Osasuna

Lor well it was made wait. It had to be in the 88th minute of the match when he appeared Luis Suarez to give the three points to Athletic in view of Osasuna. It was the seventh time that the Uruguayan finished on the goal of Sergio Herrera and, finally, he got his result. After an assistance of Carrasco returned to give a victory to the rojiblancos, as he already did against the Alaves scoring 1-0, in front of Athletic by scoring the second goal, against the Eibar with a target on 89 ‘and against many other rivals who have found the scoring ability of the Uruguayan.

With 83 points in his locker perhaps it is too daring to say that 19 are thanks to the former forward of the Barcelona, but there is no doubt that with actions like this Sunday before Osasuna, it’s reality. Between releasing the scoreboard and putting your team in superiority, just In Nesyri plant face to Suarez with the 19 points they have given to Seville his 18 goals.

Despite taking since last March without seeing a goal, with 20 goals Luis Suarez is the fourth top scorer in The league and he has given his people something that he demanded so much in past campaigns. Without going any further, a year ago, Alvaro Morata was the rojiblancos’ top scorer at the end of The league and closed his locker with 12 targets.

Thus, in the absence of closing the championship, Luis Suarez joins Falcao and Griezmann as the select group that has passed 20 goals in their debut season as a mattress since the 2000-2001 campaign.

Up to seven times he finished off the mattress attacker and in the last of them, he hit the ball to send a perfect pass from Carrasco from the right wing. With this, he finished a job that started I gave it only six minutes before to settle a heads-up with Sergio Herrera.

The goal was no accident

Although it was made to beg, the truth is that it cannot be said that the Athletic he did not look for the goal from the first minute. The target of Suarez It was not by chance, far from it, and it came through hard work and insistence as demonstrated by the fact that only in the first half, the colchoneros tried 16 shots on the goal of Osasuna. In this way, the rojiblancos achieved their best record in this section, achieved against the Villarreal twelve season ago.

Going back to talking about Luis Suarez, the Uruguayan also surpassed the record of any teammate in terms of looking for the rival goal. He faced the locker room tunnel at halftime with five shots to his legs, a first-half record this season for the leader of the standings.

Angel Correa looking for the goal five times and Carrasco with three also added in this plot to reflect a Athletic more ambitious than ever.

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