Nuñez trains normally in the last session before the trip to Seville

Nolaskoain overcomes the coronavirus and works out in the gym. On Thursday, a fan meeting to say goodbye to the team on their way to the airport

ANDhe last Athletic training session before traveling to Seville had Unai Nuñez, who has spent days with an individualized routine due to traumatic arthritis in the little toe of the right foot. The central defender has been careful during the break to avoid problems facing a game in which he will be an alternative to Iñigo Martínez and Yeray, who under normal conditions will act as headlines.

Athletic has trained in Lezama in a day of tactical accent. The lions have worked on the Bilbao Athletic playing field, where they have rehearsed different match situations. As throughout the week, Marcelino has used two homegrown players to complete the group. The Asturian Zarraga is discharged, who after the Cup final with Real Sociedad will undergo arthroscopy for an injury to the external meniscus of his right knee, while Peru Nolaskoain trains in the gym after having overcome the coronavirus.

The lions will have the afternoon off before meeting again in Lezama on Thursday. The team will fly to Seville before noon and a meeting of Peñistas and fans to accompany the lions on the bus route from the rojiblancas facilities to Loiu airport. The lions will set up their headquarters in the Andalusian capital at the Barceló Renacimiento – the same hotel where they were in the Super Cup – and on Thursday afternoon they will train at the Ciudad Deportiva del Sevilla. Internationals Simón and Iñigo Martínez will sleep tonight in the city of the final after the Spain-Kosovo of La Cartuja and will join the expedition at noon on Thursday.

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