Oblak, a championship goalkeeper

The Slovenian was again decisive against Real Sociedad with his stops at Isak and Portu

Clerc, Joselu, Murillo, Leo Messi, Laínez, Isak and Portu. The list could have continuity if we go into detail in each and every one of the games, since we are talking about the victims of Jan Oblak this season. Victims understood as the players who, having the goal close, they ran into a Slovenian, decisive in all those games for Atlético to add points to a locker that reaches 80 and that has one step away from lifting LaLiga.

An unbeatable situation that would not be understood without the decisive participation of 13, who saved the attacks of Barça at the Camp Nou with two majestic stops to Messi and that he continued in his state of grace, stopping a Royal Society with a sharp fang that, despite the initial 2-0, attacked and saw how Isak, on two occasions, and Portu, on one, met with sharp gloves of the second rojiblanco captain.

Especially meritorious was the occasion that saved the ex of the Girona. When the Real wanted to get into the game, it signed a header that voted in front of the goal to poison itself. The ball, chopped, found Jan’s glove, which sent her over the top, holding her Atlético again. Ensuring, in short, three new points that seem vital for the title.

Without Suárez And Joao Félix … always Oblak

During the start of the season Suárez’s goals (he reached 17 in 18 games) were essential to take advantage. They were also key the five that Joao Félix put in At the beginning, forming an unstoppable pair with the Uruguayan, with which Atlético was gaining an advantage until signing an impeccable first half of the season, 50 points out of 57.

But both have been deflating during the season (The Portuguese has scored seven goals, just two in the last 20 games … while the Uruguayan has not scored since March 21) causing Oblak to be the one who has held the magic formula for success: a goalkeeper who saves them and a striker who marks them. In the absence of the second Simeone has enjoyed a championship goalkeeper.

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