Ocampos and En-Nesyri, the other ‘Koundés’ of Sevilla

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Mwhile the Chelsea defoliate the daisy to launch definitively for Jules Koundé and presents the offer they crave so much in the Seville (no movement is expected from the Barcelona), the Andalusian club itself continues to position itself in the market with a view to executing the first advances with the arrival of the new month. The sale of the central will help, without a doubt, to the reconstruction that they plan, hand in hand, Monchi and Lopetegui. A change in the template that will be sustained with many entrances and exits. Sales or transfers not only of players who do not have a place in the locker room, but even of starting theoreticians. Everything is sold in Sevilla. At a price that the selling club itself considers fair. And there is more than one footballer who would not mind transferring, although each of them with different conditions.

after own Koundé (already without diego charles in the squad), the players with the most posters despite their irregular season are En-Nesyri and Lucas Ocampos (in addition to Bond). By age, physique, performance in previous seasons and by that feeling of being footballers who, well managed and on track, are unstoppable at times, prepared for leagues as physically demanding as the Premier. The case of the Argentine, as MARCA reported a few weeks ago, is on the table. Sevilla and the player himself would not object to separating their paths, as long as an offer arrived that convinced both parties. Own Ocampos know that with Lopetegui He has been losing his status as indisputable and the arrival of another winger will close the door of ownership even more. His market value is 25 million. This summer he will be 28 years old..

The same market value is given to a En-Nesyri to which this year that is already ending has turned out everything upside down. His last two goals with Morocco They seem to have lifted his spirits. In Nervión they continue to trust him. He just turned 25 and his coach has given him every possible opportunity to get his football back. The previous summer and two winters ago the door was closed to him leaving the West Ham by own request. They came to nearly 40 million to take the striker to the Premier. The Moroccan continues with a good poster in England and in Seville they do not rule out new attempts by their striker. Making cash is crucial this summer. Nevertheless, En-Nesyri has always been closed in band to get transferred. And he is not a man who is guided solely by a financial offer. He must perceive that they do not want to have him. A more delicate matter. Seville has more Koundes in your template. Important players to sell and start the project practically from scratch.

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