Ocampos: “We dream of the League”

The one of Quilmes scored the second goal of Seville in victory over him grenade

Lucas Ocampos closed the score for him Seville in the game against him grenade. The Argentine scored his first goal in play, a pass from Papu Gomez, in this League dafter four penalty goals. “I was able to dial after so long. Very happy, I needed it. I had asked for the penalty Ivan, it was time to calm down a little with penalties, I had failed one, my partner converted him and happy, “said the player. Ocampos He is the usual penalty taker in the team, but he did not hesitate to pass the baton to Rakitic. “I had to think about the team and what was best so I’m happy with the victory and with the goal, “he said.

A bizarre end of the game

“The referee’s clock stopped. He said he stopped the game earlier because he thought it was over. I never heard it, something new is learned every day. He says it stopped. There were those who had already taken off their shirt.”

To the Champions for the second consecutive year

“It was the first objective of the club, to qualify for the Champions League. It was not easy, it was a good year and now they are all going to be final.”

Do you dream of the League?

“Yes, obviously, we dream of the League. We know that it will not be easy, there are teams that are doing well at the top. We will play five finals and try to reach the maximum. If we did not think so we would not be soccer players. These are moments to enjoy, us and the people and we will try to give everything “.

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