Official offer from Fenerbahçe to Beşiktaş for Şehmus Hazer


It was stated that Anadolu Efes and Fenerbahçe Beko, our representatives in Turkish Airlines EuroLeague, stepped in for Şehmus Hazer, one of Beşiktaş’s young stars.

Anadolu Efes and Fenerbahçe Beko, our representatives competing in the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague, are after the star candidates of Beşiktaş, who made a difference with their team of young players. Anadolu Efes and Beşiktaş want to add Şehmus Hazer to their staff.

According to the news of Basketfaul, the most concrete suggestion to Beşiktaş so far came from Fenerbahçe. Three months ago, the managers of Fenerbahçe had met with the manager of the players who came to Beşiktaş from the Bandırma organization and stated that they were ready to give 2 million dollars to Beşiktaş for the trio of Alperen Şengün, Şehmus Hazer, Emir Sadık Kabaca. Beşiktaş, who climbed up from the lower ranks at that time, took a stand that they would not bring this issue to the agenda before the season ended, and the negotiations ended without progress.

Here is Fenerbahçe’s new offer

As the end of the season approaches, Fenerbahçe conveyed its offer to Beşiktaş in writing. In the new offer, which does not include Alperen Şengün and Emir Sadık Kabaca, who made the NBA decision, Sehmus Hazer and Furkan Haltalı are requested to join the squad. Fenerbahçe wants to see Şehmus Hazer in the next season. Furkan Haltalı, on the other hand, is willing to play in Beşiktaş for one or two more seasons, depending on the agreement.

While Fenerbahçe made an offer of 400 thousand dollars for Şehmus Hazer, it has made an offer of 500 thousand dollars for the Şehmus – Furkan duo. Beşiktaş, on the other hand, is claimed to have a demand of around 1 million 250 thousand dollars for Şehmus.

Anadolu Efes is also active

Anadolu Efes has also contacted Şehmus Hazer’s manager. It was learned that the negotiations between the parties will gain momentum in the coming days, but Efes may make a lower proposal than Fenerbahçe.

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