Okay’s agent arrives in Vigo to close the Turk’s departure

ANDl Okay’s agent, Batur Altiparmak, is in Vigo to try to close the exit of the midfielder. The intention of the Celtic was to return to the Premier, competition in which he played the last six months on loan at West Bromwich. In England they claim that the Wolverhampton now pretends the footballer.

The truth is that the representative arrives in Vigo with an offer under his arm to close the exit of the player who may have his hours counted as a Celtic. In fact, nor is initially scheduled to travel to England to play this Saturday’s friendly, curiously against the Wolves.

Since his return from vacation, After playing the European Championship, Okay has worked with the group as normal and has had a few minutes in the preseason matches, although all parties know that their future is outside of Celta and it does not enter into Coudet’s plans either.

Initially Celta wanted to recoup the investment made three years ago, when it came from Trabzonspor to which it paid six million. The intention, with this operation, was to balance part of the eight million, which could be more due to the transfer variables of Cervi, worn this summer.

At the same time, Mino Raiola, Emre Mor’s new agent, continues to work on the exit of the extreme before the next day 31. Along with Okay are the two footballers Celta is looking for a way out, while still looking for a starting center-back and a substitute center-forward to complete the squad.

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