One by one from Sevilla: Lamela and ten more

VAlora Sevilla players on after the debut of Lopetegui’s men in the Champions League, where they ended with a draw against Salzburg in a match with up to four penalties.

Again savior of Sevilla despite the penalty of madness and despair with the third in the afternoon. He guessed the two that didn’t go in and made a couple of saves that helped score a point.

His mistake on the second penalty was improper from his experience. He was demanded in defense and less successful in attack than usual. It only appeared in the first quarter of an hour.

All eyes were on the Frenchman. He was not well in the first penalty but he recovered. He risked when he had to and also suffered with Adeyemi. It was not his best afternoon, but he was 100% involved.

The defensive soul of this Seville. It is true that he made the first penalty for that force with which he goes to the crash, but he ended up solving all the air or space danger with one less. It made the defense impenetrable.

Better at offensive than defensive tasks, as usual. He gave Ocampos a goal and participated as always in the attack and in the exit of the ball. Too many unnecessary risks with your back to the goal.

There is no game that plays badly. They even gave him the captain’s armband in the final minutes. He played as a center-back on both sides, as a pivot and even a midfielder. It goes for everything. And it goes with honesty as a flag.

He protested every action, showed involvement and character. Defensively, he organizes his teammates well and also knows how to come out in just a few taps.

He was able to decide better on a play by Acuña. All coluntad and better entering the right wing when he could. He does not know how to calm down. This is how he understands his football. Recovering it is vital for Lopetegui.

He masterfully scored the penalty and collaborated with one less blocked on the left side. Sacrificed by the team, although without carrying the weight of a game that needed a break.

Two or three strokes in the first period. Very little for a man of his quality.

A red one that saw half a stadium already at halftime. He was eager to score his first goal. He protested everything and got little of what he tried. You must realize that it is critical and players at your level do not make such childish mistakes.

He was able to score 1-0 but rushed into the Vaseline. Things happen when he has the ball, although at the same time he risks it and causes the rival to go out with ease. You must decide better when is the time to gamble.

In crazy games he gets out of control. He did not know where to help and ended up unhinged. Lopetegui replaced him at halftime.

What a player! He has beaten Sánchez-Pizjuán in two moments at home. He debuted with a double against Rayo and raised the level of the team from delivery and quality. Everything did well. From the recoveries, to the dribbles (what a delight) and the arrivals. It is to be a starter.

It helped the team to have more bite in attack. He was able to score with a header. He was alone at times and was not intimidated by that. When he makes the first goal, that usual anxiety in the forwards will be removed.

His first minutes with Sevilla. He ran for two to help in the final minutes.

He had to plug holes as the minutes passed and what was happening in the grass. He never wanted an open game and his team did not know how to impose his style. He got all the changes right.

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