Orhun Ene pursues permanent success in the National Basketball Team

The Head Coach of the National Men’s Basketball Team, Orhun Ene, said that permanent success will make a great contribution to Turkish basketball.

Most, AA said in a statement to reporters, he said he came from a good generation, “There are many talented players in Turkey. Skill has increased day by day the pool and the number of quality players I see it escalate. Take lasting results which is important for us to develop permanent differences.” said.

Europe and most reminiscent achieved in the past considerable success the national team at the world championships, “But if you want to be a good basketball countries need to pursue it. Take a medal with a good generation, is expected to generations to come the current basketball culture and quality we need to achieve to be permanent. In Turkey today We could not use the skills in our game pool very well. We all have a fault in this. There were also managers and coaches who did good work. There were also those who wanted to do good and made mistakes. ” he spoke.

Noting that winning 3 of the last 4 matches in the 2022 European Championship Qualifiers contributed to the players’ self-confidence, Ene continued his words as follows:

“We could not benefit from our high quality players in these two windows in the NBA. But in the next period, we will be a stronger team with the new generation playing in the league with our players playing in the NBA and developing every day. It is a difficult process for the national team; Europa League and FIBA. There are many windows due to the group matches that are divided as a result of the conflict. You cannot always create the squad you want. Therefore, the national team and NBA players should be selected from the bigger pool, taking into account the schedule. We need to prepare it to be in the period. “

“We need to create the basketball character of our country”

Emphasizing that talent is very important in basketball, Orhun Ene said, “But when you cannot be a team, there is no success in a structure that you are not happy to live and play together for the sake of the goal. When we compare the level of Turkish basketball with Serbia, Spain and the USA, we have to admit that we have some shortcomings. At the level of national teams. When we look at world basketball, teams that gather around a few leading players, accept their roles, fight very well and are well organized are successful. We need to create the basketball character of our country. ” he spoke.

Ene said, “Our national team should be like a family.”

“World basketball has changed. In the economic sense, the earnings of the players and the investments of the clubs have progressed much compared to the past. The clubs that make this investment want to control the whole life of the players. In the heavy match traffic, the national team organizations are stuck in a more restricted calendar. At this point, the players are more. With the intervention of managers and families, the concentration of the national team of the players who are under more pressure is decreasing. The desire to play with the love of the national form in the past years is gradually disappearing. We, as a country, are not like other countries. For us, the national team is always very important. No matter which club the player who is successful in the national team plays in, the Turkish people have a special place in their hearts. We should not let our players forget these values. “

“Players need to come to the national team with different feelings”

Reminding that he wore the national team uniform more than 200 times during his acting period, Ene said, “The most valuable thing I can tell my players is my experience from my acting. No matter how much I have achieved in club teams, I have gained the most morally important things with the national team. These are happiness that cannot be bought with stamps with money. Basketball. Players must come to the national team with different feelings in order to represent their gains in this professional world in the best way possible. The national team should be a place where everyone will come to run voluntarily. In order to be and fight on the field, everyone has to put their personal goals aside. In 40 minutes, they must share the same joy and excitement. ” He spoke in the form.

Referring to the matches they will play in the Olympic qualifiers between June 29 and July 4, Ene said, “Every team has an equal chance. Well-organized teams will be successful.” found the assessment.

Answering the question about some national players taking little time in their teams, Ene said:

“Buğrahan Tuncer and Melih Mahmutoğlu take little time in their teams. It is getting harder for them to catch up with the rhythm in the national team. Although the number and quality of foreigners are decreasing in Turkish basketball, there is nothing changing in terms of teams like Anadolu Efes and Fenerbahçe Beko. consists of the best players. here goes into everything to win the match. Although the national team players in our league in Turkey in an organization such as more time accrued a Champions League than in the past, these periods can be reduced. But you have to come ready for the national team in the mental sense of our these experienced players. “

Pointing out that Buğrahan and Melih were impressed by this in their first window matches in the national team, Ene said, “Both came better in the second window. The players need to be prepared here too. It is not very difficult for these players to achieve this because they have played important roles in the infrastructure of the national teams for years.” he spoke.

Emphasizing that the size of the squad increased with the participation of new young players, Orhun Ene said, “Our hands have become very strong with the players such as Alperen, Şehmus and Ömer Faruk coming to a good level. Shane Larkin has also made a very important contribution to the national team and added wealth.” stated his opinion in the form.

Mehmet Okur’s involvement in national team work

Ene said that they will be together with former national player Mehmet Okur, who came to Istanbul in the second window of the qualifiers and supported the technical delegation, before the Olympic qualifiers.

Reminding that Mehmet Okur has provided important services to the national team, Ene said, “It is very important that a person who, like Mehmet Okur, has contributed to Turkish basketball not only in the national team but also in the NBA, who has become an idol in the eyes of young players with his acting and personality, comes back and touches young players. He has plans for the future. He wanted to take part in the national team, which he serves with great love and for free, in those plans. it could happen in the second window matches. ” he spoke.

“I don’t want to run a club team for the next 2 seasons.”

Orhun Ene, about whether he thought of running a club team when he was in charge of the National Team, used the following statements:

“The matches played in the winter in this new window system are challenging the coaches in the national teams. The working schedule of both the club team and the national team will become even more difficult due to the increase in the match traffic next year. For this reason, I do not want to run a club team for the next 2 seasons. If the summer and winter programs continue like this in the team calendar, I think it will be difficult for me to continue both the club team and the national team at the same concentration. I’m thinking.”

The recruited player subject

Referring to the recruitment of players in national teams, Ene said, “When we look at the current problems of Turkish basketball, I do not think that the issue of recruited players is the most important topic. Many countries also play recruited players. We come from a period where there are no recruited players. This situation started with the increase in the number of foreigners.” found the assessment.

Pointing out that the world has become global and that players of different nationalities from outside the country play in national teams should be regarded as normal, Ene said, “Our aim is to make the national team successful in this process without harming the Turkish players.” used the expressions.

Stating that they will not be able to solve the recruiting player issue immediately, Orhun Ene said:

“But when the national team gets stronger and gains self-confidence, this problem will be solved automatically when it starts to train more leader players. In all team sports, players from different nationalities can play in national teams for the same goal. In football, we see that Turkish players also play in other national teams. Beyond drawing conclusions, we need to think about how we can train better players, lower the weight of foreign players in clubs, what we can do for the future of the national team. “


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