Osasuna will not negotiate for its players


The sports director refers to the termination clauses before the first offers

Lgreat second round of Osasuna It has not gone unnoticed by many clubs and the interest of clubs for some of their players is already looming. The first names to emerge have been Moncayola, Aridane and Torró. Three fundamental pieces in the scheme of coach Jagoba Arrasate. Their release clauses range from 10 to 12 million.

An affordable amount for many of his suitors despite the current situation generated by the coronavirus pandemic. It is for this reason, and because of the fact that Osasuna has them, that the Navarrese will not lower the figure that appears in their contracts: “If someone comes with an offer that is less than the clause, we do not negotiate. We are setting the standard that we do not want to sell, “said Braulio Vázquez this Wednesday.

If someone comes with an offer lower than what is clause, we do not negotiate

Braulio Vázquez, sports director

The sports director of Osasuna acknowledged that the offices have already received the first offers for some of their players. However, the amounts are lower than the clauses and, therefore, they are not valued within the club: “There are specific situations that are not even valued. I do not give rise to anything and they do not continue. We close in band to have our better footballers “, indicated Vázquez.

No negotiation for Budimir

An understanding stance also take the Majorca with Before Budimir. The footballer, rojillo top scorer with 11 goals, his loan ends in June. However, Osasuna has a purchase option of 8 million euros. “What we cannot do is value what is ours as if there were nothing else in the world and think that others are a bit stupid. We must respect the opposite in all negotiations. If we make high market valuations compared to ours, we must be fair and respect others“, he explained in reference to the rising value of the Croatian striker.

An amount that they cannot currently reach but Alternatives that allow it are not ruled out depending on how the first days of the market pass. If, for example, the club obtains extraordinary income from the clause of one of its current colleagues.

Some statements made during the press conference of renovation of Juan Pérez. The Huesca goalkeeper will continue to be linked to Osasuna until 2024.

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