Pacheta: “I’m pretty screwed up, it hurts a lot”


The coach appeared downcast after the descent of Huesca

Pacheta was glassy-eyed after confirming the descent of the Huesca after not passing the tie against him Valencia. The coach understood that his team deserved better luck in the match played at Alcoraz.

Message to the fans

“At the moment I am not here to think beyond the emotions I have. It hurts me a lot that the fans have not been able to see the team in First Division and it hurts me that they cannot see them next season. Thanks to the fans for coming to join us. I thank Vavro who has played the Euro Cup. It hurts a lot when we believed in this. I’m pretty screwed. “

Season rating

“Since we arrived we have scored 22 points, it would be almost 42, it would be outrageous. I am proud to belong to Huesca, I don’t know what will happen in the future, nor do I want to … add those two pintos that we lack. We have done everything to score that goal … I am proud to have belonged to this. We have stayed there with honey on our lips. I think the team has competed very well, we have been able learn to win. We have managed to tie Valencia, they are very good, we believe that we have been worthy competitors.

How is the wardrobe

“If the Elche game had an impact … I found out in 1980 what was happening. We played a game to win, that is our obligation. What happened in other games has not affected me, we played a brave game. The game is fantastic, everything we have been doing from behind. I leave with the feeling of having built a more than worthy job. “

Sandro’s party

“Sandro is the most decisive, Rafa is continuous and Sandro is capable of winning a game out of nowhere. He has 8-10 fantastic games. He has not wanted to score the goal, we have not won.”

Elche has been saved with public

“This has 38 days. I congratulate all the teams that have achieved their goals.”

It was hard to know that he had to win: “I don’t think so. Against Real or Athletic we got one right and today he didn’t want to enter”

If i had come before

“Maybe we wouldn’t have won so many games … It’s a utopia.”

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