Pacheta: “We depend on us, but I didn’t like the refereeing”


The Huesca coach complains about the decisions of González Fuertes in his defeat against Betis

Pacheta, Huesca coach, complained in the press room of the Benito Villamarín stadium about the decisions taken by the Asturian referee González Fuertes in the defeat of his team against Betis, 1-0 with a penalty goal by Borja Iglesias. The technician of the Huesca team, in any case, valued positively depending on themselves in the last day to certify the permanence.

Sensations after the game

“We arrive depending on us. We have to win. Today I leave with a feeling that I didn’t like the refereeing either and I don’t know the rules. Why if I’m late with my foot, I brush, they whistle me Penalty and if I’m late with my head, don’t they give me a penalty? They have to explain it to me. If you arrive late and hit mine, who has a bruise with a bruise, let’s hope it’s nothing, and they don’t point out anything, they have to explain. The rules change and we are not told. I complain about that. “

What has your team lacked

“We have not been fluid with the ball, it is true, we have not been the same as against Athletic and we have to be critical. It is also true that they have not given us any chance to score. We have not been very fluid with the ball but we have been very good. in defense and we were very good until that play. When the games are like this it seems that they always fall for the opposite. Then we have carried the weight of the game more, we have opened up, they have had two hands in hand but the team has had a sense of power generate the tie. We have not been fluid but we have played a decent game not to lose it. Even if we had drawn, in the next game we would have to win and here we go. “

Knowledge of the rivals’ result during the match

“I didn’t want to know anything, at the end Chema was telling me. I wanted to focus on us.”

Nervousness about refereeing

“It has been the penalty and throughout the game. That is why the protest. They seem very good to me in First Division but today I did not like it and that has led to more cards … Well … Penalties and penalties almost always cards are committed without intention. I don’t want to detract from the victory of Betis but until the moment the game opens, everything was under control against a team from Europe. We have matured the game and it has half fallen to them. “

Gastón’s message after the penalty

“Gastón is saying that he cannot ask for a penalty for that. When the rival, Borja, qualifies him as rigorous … And from here I congratulate him and Betis.”

Is Huesca going to be saved?

“Yes. We are going to stay in First Division, we are going to arrive with all the options depending on us. We are going to fight that final.”

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