Paco López does not understand “how Coquelin continued to play” after the entry with the tacos to Rochina

The coach acknowledges that his players lacked experience for that action to have been reviewed by the referee on the monitor

Nor is it the first time Levante coach, Paco López, you wait to see a play or action repeated to give your opinion on it. And that is what happened this Tuesday in the previous match against him Seville. You have been asked about the physical state of Rochina after the entry of Coquelin during the game against Villarreal: “After the game, you asked me and I hadn’t seen the play. After seeing it, I don’t understand anything, I don’t understand how Coquelin continued to play that game. I’m telling you now because I had the opportunity to see it. We went 1-3 and we didn’t know what could happen. But we also have to learn about these things. After seeing the entrance, I don’t understand how we all went to … which is not because I want the players to protest, that it is not okay to protest. But obviously it is an action that should have been reviewed and that we from within had to have done everything possible so that justice had been done at that time. ”

TO Paco Lopez you have been asked about him Rochina’s physical state after that entry, since it was possible to see how the studs of the boot of Coquelin. The technician has acknowledged thatthat it is a blow and it will not have problems to enter the squad list against Sevilla. The action, which Rochina himself protested, took place in the 64th minute of the match when the Villarreal’s French midfielder he entered too harshly in the fight for a ball in the center of the field. At that time, the match score was 1-3.

The truth is that this action was reviewed in the VAR, in which Medié Jiménez was, which I consider was not susceptible of being interpreted as a red card since he did not notify the referee De Burgos Bengoetxea. In fact, the Levante coach refers more to the fact that from the field, the players had urged the referee to go personally to review it on the monitor, after seeing how Rochina’s leg was left.Coquelin was replaced shortly after by Unai Emery.

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