Paco López: “I have no defense of the game we have made. I am the main responsible”

The Levante coach is very touched after a new defeat, the sixth in the last eight games

Tthoroughly disgusted. Defeats are leaving Paco Lopez played in this season finale. With the good season that the team had curdled and in the last month the progress has been undone. Very hard. “We were slightly better in the second half, but obviously it was not enough to win a game against Elche who played a lot”

The lowering of arms

“It is one of the times in three and a half years that I have no defense whatsoever about the game that the team has made. Regarding interpretations, you have said sloppiness, there each one. There is no justification for what the team has done, despite the fact that Elche will be played more. This team is played a lot every day and so I try to transfer it in each training session. I am the most responsible, today I have no defense and the culprit is me. I keep talking about the game and situations and we are not Not at all right And about the success, you also have to demand from the footballers.


I am responsible, I insist, something that I will not be doing well when the team today has not given the level to win a game like this. You could see that Elche was in a nervous situation and shortly after we had been well we would have been able to take the game. That said, we have enough time and enough games to finish a good season. And we have to do it and we have to change. And now we have a week ahead of us to think about what we need. Involvement and commitment are above all “.

Penalty to Dani Gómez?

“Of the controversial plays of the referees I will not comment anything, it is not worth it. I understand that lately we are not having luck, we leave it there.

Match similar to Eibar

“It could have been a game similar to Eibar because of the situation in the table of both. But in Eibar we made no mistakes … Today we made a rude mistake again and that is what happens, it is complicated. And then we have lacked resources to flip the marker.

Dani Gómez injury

“About Dani, we are going to wait. They are suturing the wound, which is deep. We are going to wait and see how it evolves.”

Do you think Elche will save the category?

“I see Elche with options. They have resources and potential. They have fast players on the wing and good players in one-on-one. Then in attack Lucas Boyé, who is a nightmare for defenders. But as I told you Elche, you also I say the rest of the teams that are under. From eighth to last place, we are all with dynamics. If you are in a positive position you stick your head out, if you are in a negative position it is complicated. Now there is no room for error. permanence assured and that is why we have to go for it, so as not to spoil the good season we were having. “

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