Paco Roig accuses Lim and blows Murthy: “How much money did he take? And the president is a cheek”


ANDl former president of Valencia -between 1994 and 1997- Paco Roig has not left a puppet with a head in an interview in Onda Cero Valencia. The intention was to recall his memories as an illustrious Valencianist and, also his management, in a section entitled “Album of stickers”. However, at 82 years old Paco Roig has shown a memory and vitality identical to those of three decades ago.

For now, he has stoked the current president Anil Murthy. For Paco Roig “this one we have now, the phenomenon (Murthy) earns two and a half million. Paco Roig was a thief and I earned 1% of the budget. And this with two and a half million and has no f … idea of ​​football. He knows about restaurants. He goes to restaurants and they take him out. He made some statements saying that Valencia would be league champions in 10 years with the academy. I was dying of shame. With what academy? With the one of Castilian? “.

The former president is clear that the only solution is the departure of Peter Lim. “The only way for Valencia to leave is for the Chinese to go. Can you imagine where I want them to go … the Chinese have to go. For the Chinese to leave, the Valencians do not have to return to Mestalla. Let them bring a boat and let the Chinese come, but we Valencians have to be at home and watch it on television. This is a joke. The largest in the world. From a man who has come to take them away and the one he has here who is well paid And he has no f … idea of ​​football. Who has denigrated us saying that we shut up, has thrown the clubs of the place that Paco Roig made them. You don’t have to go back. ”

Own Paco Roig attended the demonstration that brought together more than five thousand Valencianists calling for the departure of the maximum shareholder. “At the demonstration there were two who told me that I could not be there because I had made a lot of money with the shares. Mr. Camps, another figure who has ruined Valencia, had me 5 hours to tell me that he had to sell the shares. I wanted more money than 200 million and I spent 6 or 7 months without hearing from them “.

The former president of Valencia insists on talking about the news by stating that “the Mestalla coach, Óscar Fernández, who has not won a match This what happens? Does this have something to do sexually with this guy we have as president? nobody says anything. I have nothing against this man, I only say that he is a bad coach. ”

For the problems with the new stadium, Paco Roig blames the late Valencia mayor Rita Barberá. “The fault of the stadium is Rita Barberá. He had the obsession of bringing the European Cup and she presiding over it. They offered me the land and I told them that I was not going to build a new field. The one you have is enough. They catch Soler and he makes the biggest shit in the world. I went to see the construction of the stadium. My brother Fernando called me to ask what I thought. And I said: “It looks like a shit like a tower to me.” In the end they will have to stay in Mestalla and sell the other one. ”

And he insists again on the current problems of Valencia. “How much pasta did this Chinese take from the eggs? How much pasta and nobody says anything and everyone is quiet? Hopefully this new coach (Bordalás) goes better, but Valencia is a disaster. And the one that we have as president is a good pay and a cheek. It is to die for. What a shame”.

Paco Roig who likes the new Valencian coach. “Bordalás I have always liked. I am the bronco and cupbearer style. This one could not be harsher. I like it. It’s the style I’ve seen from Valencia all my life. ”

On Villarreal’s recent triumph in the Europa League, he states: “My brother deserved to win with him. Villarreal. He does things very well. And Valencia does them very badly“.

Going back to the past, with Luis Aragones as a coach, the Valencia he presided over was about to win the league. “I have the thorn in Luis Aragonés, that I treat him as p … mother and he treats me very badly. I went to his house to ask him what I had done wrong. Luis Aragonés took black pasta from here. I gave him black pasta and then José María García came out to tell lies. 80 million pesetas, what I sold from Molina. What I say goes to Mass. “

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